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Hey everyone! I am new to the site and I have searched for information on this topic but I haven't seen any current info about Mount Sinai's orientation process. Has anyone recently gone through... Read More

  1. by   kaaco90
    hey, can anyone tell me a little bit about what goes on during the 2 week in class orientation? I'm about to start Monday, Sept. 10, and i'm really excited, but also nervous! Any bit of information will be greatly appreciated =D thanks!
  2. by   dance4life
    Quote from nycRN89
    thanks NurseFairy! I have heard great things about Mount Sinai and I'm hoping it all works out smoothly when I start.

    aikz, yes, I graduated with my BSN and I do know for sure that Mount Sinai will not hire ASN who are not matriculated into a BSN program and who will graduate within the year (I asked my nurse manager to see if my brother who is an Associate degree nurse could also get an interview but nope..) They are looking to renew their Magnet status, that is why they prefer BSN. They also discussed how accommodating they are with people who are going back to school, scheduling their shifts around their classes so that's great. Also having those connects can be very helpful. Just ask them to speak to their managers and see if any openings are available when you do have your NY license.
    This is not true. Not sure why he did not get an interview. I have my Associates with experience and am not enrolled in a BSN program.
  3. by   dance4life
    New Grad nurses that work there said they kept pushing on them. Sometimes it can take up to 6 months.
  4. by   dance4life
    Quote from aikz
    Omg, you are lucky to get a job in Mt. Sinai as a new grad! Are you BSN?

    I'm a new grad from Jersey and just got hired, but I would like to get my NY license later. And I plan to pursue my BSN online while working. Mt. Sinai is one of my ideal places to work in the city. Is it true that they will consider new grads with associates just as long as you are currently enrolled in a BSN program? Cause I figure I'm probably gonna get my NY license anyway before I actually finish my BSN program. Plus my mom has a friend at Mt. Sinai who is a NP there. I think she also has a friend who works in the Neuro ICU. You think knowing people who can recommend me will help?
    Nurse Managers that hire nurses state that they won't hire a New Grad BSN, but I have worked with so many New Grads there. I am not sure if they would hire a New Grad ASN, as I am probably lucky to get accepted there. But, I have lots of experience.

    I think you should call the Mount Sinai recruitment office YOURSELF, or maybe speak to a Nurse Manager that knows the hiring process. That is what did. Nurses there said I would never get in, what a bunch of crock.
  5. by   akajor
    Hi everyone! those of you new grads who got hired are very lucky and blessed! remember that.... I am a registered nurse with BSN. I have 6 months experience in LTC/rehab in the bronx and i have been applying like crazy in mt. sinai but still no response. I am starting to lose hope.

    Congratulations to all of you!
  6. by   mayongname
    Just keep applying and dont give up. I also got hired at mt sinai just recently and will be having my orientation this october. Can anybody pls discuss about the new beginnings? Thanks in advance
  7. by   akajor
    wow good for you mayongname... did you just apply online? how long did it take for them to call you back?
  8. by   mayongname
    Thank you. I applied online since 2011. And then when i got the interview i was called back a few hours after to offer me the job! Im really blessed and lucky! Im an rn with a bsn as well. Where did you work for LTC in the Bronx?
  9. by   akajor
    did you also work in the bronx? wow so im guessing it'll also take me a year to get a call back. gee! tough times.
  10. by   lnloves
    Congrats mayongname!
    What unit did you get hired on? When does your orientation start? I recently interviewed at Mt. Sinai and I'm waiting to hear back! Fingers crossed.
  11. by   akajor
    hi Inloves! how'd you get interviews at mt.sinai? i really want to work there.
  12. by   rracz
    Hi, I also recently got hired at Mount Sinai and a new grad. I also start orientation in October. Can anyone give any advice on the pharm test? I'm very nervous and excited to start working.
  13. by   shadowness
    How were you guys contacted for the interview? Phone? Email? Also, when is the orientation and do you know how often orientations are? Thanks! I've been applying and Mount Sinai is one of them. I am a new grad with a great resume. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!