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  1. by   sojjourn
    Hi Cathy,
    Have you had any problems getting a job? I finally found a job after 3 months. I know that monroe is not accredited but it really does not seem to make a difference in the landing a job. .
  2. by   CocoCapricho
    For whoever is looking into information the nursing program is definitely a day program especially in regards to the nursing courses, the nursing courses are definitely day courses as per admissions, when it comes to courses that are considered pre-req's in your other schools such as ENG101, Developmental Psych, etc. these courses are sometimes offered at night. Despite whoever said the school isn't nationally accredited it actually is! National League for Nursing - Membership <- It's accredited by the National League for Nursing (NLN), it also has Middle states accreditation (when I called College of New Rochelle and NYU to inquire if they'll take a transfer all they ask for is the middle states accreditation) call admissions for the schools you're interested in and ask yourself if in doubt! I'm currently studying to get in for the Winter 2015 class for my RN I already possess my LPN license, but if my scrambling doesn't pay off I'm definitely vying for Fall 2015, who can argue for an 11 month program? I have a friend who is in the 1+1 program, she's getting her LPN & RN and has nothing, but wonderful things to report about Monroe. I have friends who attended and graduated from Monroe and they reported that the best programs they have to offer are Nursing & Criminal Justice programs. Unfortunately, those who hope financial aid will pay for this ride since the school is private financial aid will not cover much, great possibility you will need to take out loans if you're planning on attending the nursing program at Monroe.
  3. by   CeceStar5
    Hey folks,

    I am proud to say that I am a graduate of Monroes LPN and RN program. I have no complaints whatsoever. The professors and nursing administration were excellent. Some tough and not so tough. They truly and genuinely care- Thats the spirit of Monroe College. Everyone cares even the president of the college. I have heard horror stories from other nursing students at CUNY schools and other schools and I must say we NEVER as students were treated unfairly or disrespected by the nursing staff. They will go out of their way to make sure you grasp nursing even when we are unsure.
    As far as working- I had no problem finding a job as a LPN and as a RN when I completed the program. I graduated from the LPN program Dec 2012 and I graduated from the RN program in December 2013. I am currently working as a RN and I feel that I was very prepared.
    As far as accredidation I dont think anyone should worry too much about their accrediation because its the license that matters. I am not in Monroes BSN program but I am in a RN to BS program at another school and I was admitted into the school with no problem.

    Hope this helps anyone.
  4. by   heidiesp1234
    Monroe is amazing.
  5. by   Celeste93
    Hi, what were the prerequisites for the Lpn program? Did you have to take a pre entrance exam ?