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has anyone attended this program? i take the entrance test in april and i dont know what to expect. is it very hard? is this program any good?... Read More

  1. by   Nurse Mel1
    Quote from NURSEGUY1
    Does anyone know what kind of shoes we are required to wear the first day of school? Does it have to be shoes nurses wear in the hospital or can i wear regular sneakers. Does my sneakers have to be all white or can i wear any color?
    Hello Nurseguy,

    They didn't mention anything about specific shoes so I'm pretty sure you can wear any kind of shoes and any color. Good Luck it's coming really quick. By the time you know it we will be done and LPN's. Lol yeah I know I'm getting a little ahead of myself, but I am so excited to start already.
    Take care
  2. by   NURSEGUY1
    Hi prospective nurse, I called the school today and they confirmed what you said. They did say we will need 'clinical' shoes when we start clinicals and i would get more info then.

    And you are right, i am so ready to start this program. I know it will be hard but i think we can do it. We have made it this far through the selection process and it was not exactly a walk in the park! Good luck to you at your school site.
  3. by   tifanny2
    Hi Guys,
    To God be the Glory I knew i didn't go through all that testing and back and forth for no reason, Nothing beats prayer, I will be attending Mid-Manhattan in September.
  4. by   Nurse Mel1
    Hello Tiffany,

    Congrats! You are right about that God is good! Best of luck
  5. by   tifanny2
    All the time Prospective Nurse1, Thanks a lot!
  6. by   tifanny2
    Hi Prospective Nurse1,
    Do you know what time school is dismissed?
  7. by   Nurse Mel1
    Quote from tifanny2
    Hi Prospective Nurse1,
    Do you know what time school is dismissed?
    School begins at 9am and ends at 4pm, but when clinicals begin towards the end of january classes will begin at 8am and end at 3pm. Hope that helps.
  8. by   NURSEGUY1
    Congrats Tiffany, I will be attending the brooklyn school. I hope you guys have been paying attention to the notices that are posted on our blackboard.
  9. by   tifanny2
    Thank You Prospective Nurse1, I guess working and going to school weekdays is out of the question.
  10. by   tifanny2
    Right back at yah, NurseGuy1:rckn:, actually, i looked at it on Wednesday, but i will be looking at it today.
  11. by   JWEMT
    Goldwater > Brooklyn School> Manhattan School

    in terms of preparations for nclex.

    Gold water - Different funding receives more materials smaller class size and better facilities.

    Brooklyn School - Teaches based on NCLEX will prepare you very well.

    Manhattan School - IMHO Hardest School, learn general Knowledge. Great Teachers.
  12. by   NURSEGUY1
    So JWEMT, at what point do you think i should buy nclex review books, should i do that now so i can study right from the start of classs or should i wait unitl start clinicals.
  13. by   JWEMT
    You should wait until atleast april because you prob won't really understand the question unless your brooklyn school in which they will let you know.

    But after each class is over you can do that section

    so you will prob do fundamentals first