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has anyone attended this program? i take the entrance test in april and i dont know what to expect. is it very hard? is this program any good?... Read More

  1. by   NURSEGUY1
    Kendace, did you take any of the tests yet? How did you find them?
  2. by   Gigi423
    Quote from nurseguy1
    i was surprised that i was given a packet with a lot of paperwork to complete so soon. but once i took the tabe test they gave me the packet and told me i have thirty days to submit everything. this is where i am right now, i gathering all the required info so i can submit it and wait to be schedule for an interview.

    as far as the vocuabulary questions get a ged or sat book form the library and practice as much of the words as you can. i found that on the cnet test in particular, the vocab questions sometimes do not require you to know the exact meaning of the words; rather it is context in which it is used in the sentences. when faced with questions like those i look for key words in the sentence that could tip me off about what a word might mean.

    for example, words such as although, in contrast, however, on other hand etc sugest that you are probaly looking for a vocab term that is opposite in meaning to the context of the entire sentence. so if the context of the sentnce you are reading gave you a negative or positive vibe depending on what is said, then you are probaly looking for a word that means or conveys an opposite tone. also terms used like similiar, the same, as well as, would mean that find a vocab term that conveys the same meaning as the entire sentence.

    i did really well on the vocab and reading parts, and half of the time i did not know exactly what the words mean. but iwas able eliminate some answers choices by using the technique i just mentioned above.

    it takes practice and thats what worked for me. hope this helps.
    congrats nurseguy1!!! i have a few questions about both tests. i have the practice books and the cnet practice tests and i am finding them both to be easy. im scared that when i go to take the tests the material that is going to be on the test is going to be more difficult. so if you can please let me know what are the tests like? are they exactly like the practice ones? are the passages medical related? what is the most difficult part? and which one do you think is harder tabe or cnet? im really scared that i may be missing something. and i really want to be prepared. thanks in advance!!!
  3. by   NURSEGUY1
    I would say the questions that are on the sample guides are very similiar to those on the actual tests. Personally, i did not find the tests to be diffiucult in terms of the questions being asked. What may be challenging is the time they give you to complete the questions. On the TABE everything is is timed by a computer that you are assigned to, once the computer says the time is up, the program will shut off so you most save and ask to score your test before the time is up.

    As far as the CNET goes, the passages do not require alot of medical expericnece, although that certainly will help. All the passages ask is about general medical issues about topics like diabetes. But the answer will always be based on what is found in the passage, and not previous knowledge. Is just about reading and comprhension.

    If you are finding both tests to be easy, that is great. Just remember to practice your speed.

    Right now i have completted both tests, submitted paperwork, did the interview and now must wait until june for answer. This long wait is unbearble.

    anyway good luck and i wish you much succcess.
  4. by   Bklyn_Butterfly86
    I'm getting so nervous I sent out my application almost a month ago and haven't heard or seen anything. And Im seeing some people have already taken both the Cnet and the TABE already . I know thats not a long time I guess I'm just a little anxious to get the whole process started. I am wondering if I should call just to ease my nervousness a little....
  5. by   Trinidarky2310
    Quote from NURSEGUY1
    Hi everyone just joined the site. I took the CNET test on january 23rd, 2010 and was sent a letter to take the TABE on February 9th. I was just wondering if any one who took the Cnet exam already moved on to take the TABE and how was it. Was it difficult?
    Hey nurseguy1 did u take the lpn nursing exam this guy in Brooklyn? If yes could u messege me I have a few questions. I have the exam on march 6th I am nervous and scared because I really need to pass this. Anyone took the test yet? Was it hard? How was the vocabulary section?
  6. by   Trinidarky2310
    Help someone ! I am taking the c-net on saturday...did anyone take the exam?
  7. by   NURSEGUY1
    Trini, i took the CNEt exam last month. What i used to study the vocabulary sections were GED and SAT books from the library. Most o f the tinme the questions did not really asked for the exact meaning of the words; rahter, it was the context in which they are used in the sentence that are important. So if you can get a handle on that you should be ok. Good luck.
  8. by   Trinidarky2310
    Thanks nurseguy, I will look at a few words but how was the reading comprehension? Was the vocabulary words difficult? How was the test overall for u? How was your results for the test? Last year it was 40% percentile but this year it's 50%. What was your results like? Did u pass?
  9. by   Trinidarky2310
    Did anyone else out there take the lpn c-net pre nursing exam yet? Nurseguy can I get your email....so I could talk to u some more about the exam, I am so nervous and really want to pass this exam.
  10. by   NURSEGUY1
    Hi Trini, my scores were ok. Here they are:

    Reading/Reasoning abillity 37 out of 40, which is 83%
    Numerical abillity 45 out of 50, which is 74%
    Language abillity 56 out of 60, which is 81%

    I had a total score of 138 out 150, which gave me a overall percentile score of 88%.

    When i took the TABE, my scores were 12.2 english and 12.9 math. i'm so nervous i hope these scores are good enough to get into the progarm.

    As far as the reading comprehension, the material included general subject a medical issues. It was not difficult at all because you dont need prior medical knowledge. The answers are right in the passage. What will get you if you are not careful is the time they give you to complete each section.

    The vocabulary questions are words that you find on a 11th or 12th grade high school test.

    My advice is just jeep practicing and don't panick. use your instincts where you can.
  11. by   NURSEGUY1
    Trini, i would post my email, but the site advises against it and i don't want to risk being blocked by the moderators. If you have questions just ask me on here and i will try my best to answer them. Good luck on your test on saturday.
  12. by   Trinidarky2310
    Thanks nurseguy.... U have been really helpful. Wow u got good scores....was the tabe exam difficult? I am just worried about the antoymn and syn.. I am not too good in that but I have been studying a lot so hopefully I will pass was the spelling and sentence structure hard? What is the rules for the day of the test like cellphone and bathroom wise?? Are u allowed to use the bathroom within the three hours? Was the words in the vocab hard to understand? I know I keep asking lol sry. Thanks alot!
  13. by   NURSEGUY1
    Hey trini, the material on the tabe exam is actually easier than those on the CNET. But for the TABE you actually get less time to complete each section, thats what made i t a bit challenging. I did not find the vocab on the cnet to be too difficult and the reading comprehension is fairly straight forward is you pay attention. This is how my day at the CNET went:

    *When i arrived all the students were told to stay in the cafeteria and wait for further instructions.
    *Then all the candidates were then told which room they were assigned to based on the permit that they had.You have to have your permit or you wont sit the exam.
    *When i went to my assigned room, the proctor checked my permit and my id and she took it from and said i would get it back at the end of the exam.
    *We were told before the exam if we need to use the bathroom, do before the exam becuase they will not stop the exam so we can go out of the room. Once you left the room, you wont be allowed to come back to finish the exam.
    *We were told to turn off cell phones
    *We were told that once we completed the exam, we woud get the results in the mail three weeks from the exam date; and if we passed we would move on with the next step of the selectiion process.
    *If you passed you get your results mailed to you , as well as a date for you to go do the tabe all in the same letter.
    I hope this helps. good luck