Med Surg dream deferred....

  1. I'm in need of advice.
    I became an LPN in 2001 at 23 years of age. I went on to complete a B.S. in Health Administration, emphasizing health care infrastructure and quality(class of 2011). I will be finished with my ASN from Excelsior College in 2018. I've worked med surg, rehab, neuro, geriatrics, and most recently EHS/OSHA compliance for the past six years.
    Part of me still longs to work "mandatory" new grad stint of MedSurg nights. I'm entering my 40s. While I've aged, I feel my perspective is youthful and my skills have matured. BSN is in the future, but I'd still give a try to land an acute care job with an ASN.
    Has anyone started such an adventure mid life? All opinions are welcome.
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  3. by   LM NY
    Entering your 40's? Honey, you're still a baby in my eyes. I am in my 30's and am currently working with men and women already in their 40's. All I could say is, it is all about how you feel. If you are in great physical/mental/spiritual health then please do not allow your age to deter you from your dreams. You have nothing to lose
  4. by   marsbar37
    I just graduated with my second degree in nursing at 39. Age is just a number!
  5. by   SBNursekawaii
    You got this! Keep going forward! We will be here to support you!
  6. by   karmax1
    I became an LPN at the age of 35 and became an RN at the age of 39. As always, you must follow your dream.