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Hey guys, those who still use this forum and got accepted to LICHSON starting 2009... let's write some insight stuff here. Like today, the health clearance...the waiting was worse than the DMV...... Read More

  1. by   MrsComboCurlz
    lichson has a new exam posted for apr 9th...check the ati website!
  2. by   MrsComboCurlz
    Quote from wewe12
    hi tastemocha, i also took the teas on the 9th, so we were in the same room. i have heard form many that once your gpa is 2.5 or above you are good. and the lady at the testing said that there is no passing or failling on the test. but she could not tell me the score requires for passing which worries me. she said they look at the whole application. so i guess we should just pray for the call.
    well i'm praying along with you guyz...i'm a fall 2011 hopeful aswell. i was told as well to not pressure about the test, it's not pass or fail and that they look @ the application as a whole. i wonder whens the earliest of sending out letters or making phone calls? either way , here goes the wait all the best..
  3. by   tastemocha
    I called them yesterday and they food me I'llh ere from them nxt week... the deadline is next week so hopefully they call early... there no reason y we should wait till June to here a response... I hope all goes well with u and keep us posted
  4. by   tastemocha
    They have another exam!!! Well it wouldnt concern to me they have a 45 day cycle before you can take it again and I took mines on the 9th
  5. by   FARA01
    uhh im also waiting... i took the TEAS exam on the 19th of May and just looked at my score... NOT very good !!! Im sooo worried, that it making me sick . I have a 3.0 and have compleated all of my prequsits, also have two strong letters of recc... i hope that they do look at the whole picture. I praying that i get an interview so i could make it clear on how badly i want this !!!!!!! I REALLY WANT TO GO TO THIS SCHOOL !!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. by   aspiring_nursing
    Evening program question
    how will i work full time 9-5 and go to school? when will i do hw if i will get home at midnight and have to go to sleep for work. is hw not assigned in the middle of the week? can i do it wkds? if this dooable? also wat is up with administration. who is the boss there? y havent students voiced their opinions.everytime i have a question it is a mission!
  7. by   tastemocha
    Many questions u have I see, we are also applicants so we can't answer all, they had an information session could of answered majority of them, when ppl arose hose question about schedule flexibility they say something gotta give, you'll have to be able to make sacrifices, I believe they've u flexability with ur clinical , look online in order to be a evening student all pre req and co req should be completed, which leaves you with 2 classes plus lab and clinicals, supposedly there classes start at 6 and u don't get out at midnight 10 the latest I heard but some sacrifices have to be made, don't expect them to work around you what they give is what you get.
  8. by   dny09
    Hi LICHSON hopefuls!
    I have not been on this thread in a while. I see lots of new applicants have been posting a lot of questions about the school. I will be graduating from LICH in 2 months and I though I would give you all my perspective on the school. I am a day student so I really can't speak much about the structure of the night program (sorry).

    First off, it's not easy and expect to put in A LOT of hard work no matter how smart you are or how great your professors are. It is a lot of information to learn in two years so expect to have a somewhat limited social life for the duration of your school time.

    The professors are a mixed bunch. I have had some professors that are top grade and some that clearly do not excel in the field of teaching. But I will say that all most all of then really care about the students getting a good education and graduating. Unfortunately, one of the earlier posts was correct. A lot of the good professors do seem to be jumping ship. But from what I have heard, the new teachers coming in are not all bad (with the exception of maybe one or two). But prepare to spend a big chunk of your outside-of-class time studying and double checking what you have heard in lecture to make sure you have absorbed it correctly and really understand it. Learning nursing is more that just memorizing facts. It's about taking facts you've learned and figuring out the correct way to utilize them. This is a skill that takes a while to get. No matter what school you go to or what the school's reputation is, it's going to be a long journey with a lot of blood sweat and tears.

    The administration office is by far the most frustrating part of the LICH experience. The office is under staffed and lacking in communication skills. Many of the office staff are very nice people but more often than not, the people who you have access to, don't have the information that you need. I do believe that the administration difficulties are part of the reason a lot of the good professors have left as well. I'm sure it makes it just as hard to teach at the school as it does to attend the programs. But at the end of the day, my advice would be to always be polite and patient when trying to get something done in that office. You sometimes have to really stay on top of them, but if you do it in a kind manner and acknowledge that are trying to help, they are much more likely to put in their best effort.

    Overall is LICH the best school out there? Probably not. But I have received a good education and definitely feel like I can go on to get a job or continue my education with a solid foundation. And that is what I shelled the $$$ out for, so I go what I paid for. Good lock to everyone who is applying. I know how stressful the process can be!
  9. by   aspiring_nursing
    i took the test. when should i expect the results and ive been soo stressed out have not checked to see how i will receive the grades. will it be online or by regular mail and how many weeks after exam?