Job Dilemma

  1. Good Evening Everyone,

    I am a job dilemma and I am looking for some advice. I am a new RN and tomorrow I am going to meet an temp agency to discuss a direct hire position in New York City. I have talked to the contact person twice already. I like the hours of the position but I am not happy with the salary. The job is offering $60,000 annually to work in an walk-in clinic in the city. I am not sure how many patients I will see on an average day but I will find out more tomorrow. However, I believe $60,000 is too low. I want to negotiated for a higher salary, at least $65,000 a year. Any advice? Should I ask the temp agency if the potential employer is willing to negotiated or should I wait for my interview on Thursday.

    Also, If anyone is a nurse please let me know if this is a fair salary for working in a walk-in clinic? I don't know what is the average salary for clinic nurses. I am only aware of the salaries for RN working in hospitals because I was an LPN for two years.

    Thank you in advance for any suggestions or advices.

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  3. by   noreenl
    I would wait until your interview and see what they have to offer. i work in an agency and I am listening to how many new grads are looking for work. It may not sound like what you want but see if the job itself may have something that the recruiter doesnt know about. Remember most recruiters are NOT clinical people!!! Go on your interview and let them meet you and show them what you have to offer. If they make you an offer then you can negotiate salary increase. you might blow a good job over 5 grand! By the way NEVER negotiate salary at the interview!!!
    PM me if you want to chat !!!
  4. by   Natingale
    How much are you making now? zip..nada..right? 60k to keep your skills sharp and add experience to your resume is priceless
  5. by   laynaER
    Sorry Natingale, I can't agree with that. Just because you're making nada now doesn't mean it's okay to be taken advantage of, and people should pay you what you what your worth for the education and skills that you have. It's just what's right. I'm a new RN and I got a job through an agency at a nursing home and they wanted to pay me $20/hr. I'm sorry, that's unacceptable. It's $20/hr more than what I'm making now, yes, but I'm worth more than that, and should be paid accordingly. The OP shouldn't just settle for any old thing just because it's more than what she's making now. By that logic, if they offered her $25,000 should she take it because it's more than what she's making now?

    If you don't stand for something you'll fall for anything and if you feel like you deserve a bit more, don't be afraid to open your mouth and professionally negotiate more, just say you've done some research, you've collected data, and the salary they're offering isn't as competitve, etc. Good luck but $60,000 def isn't as bad as $20/hr. No way was I taking that.
  6. by   msadn2009

    I am not making nada. I am still working as a LPN until I get a RN position. Sixth thousand is descent but I worked hard for my degree and should be paid accordingly. I will have my interview this morning and carefully screen the benefit package.
  7. by   WondeR.N.
    Not sure about walk-in clinics in the city, but I will be moving into an outpatient type of position in the burbs for $60,000. The hours are fabulous, no commute into the city, no holidays, no nights. Most outpatient jobs will pay less than the hospitals to start, but the city hospitals are hiring new nurses for around $70,000--granted there are no jobs, but if you can find one, that's what they're paying. For me personally, that extra $10,000 isn't close to being worth the added cost of commuting into the city (20 min. drive to train station, 60 minute ride to Grand Central) and the challenging scheduling issues you can face in a hospital (I have two very small children). You have to weigh all the pros and cons with your personal priorities and family situation. Best of luck to you!
  8. by   guiltysins
    I'm just a student so I can't really offer anything good. But most private hospitals start pay at 70K for new grads, the city hospitals pay about 65K+ and I know that clinics/outpatient areas do pay less so in that aspect 60K sounds about right but again I have no real experience with this kind of stuff lol.