How to get into a program, help I'm 33 and rejected twice...

  1. hi, i'm a new member and fascinated with all the info available here as i didn't get any advice until now. i've applied twice to the nursing program in spring 2006 and fall 2008 at nassau community college with gpa of 3.75 and all the non nursing perquisites and of course i did not get accepted. not to waste my life and wait for a year i had my daughter in feb. 2008 and now that she's a year old i need to do something with my life. does anyone know how to increase one's chances of getting into nassau community college? i want to apply this october for the 2010 spring semester but they only take 45 daytime students. i'm really desperate i'd like to know what other programs could give me a better chance of getting in. i live in queens and wouldn't mind commuting. i'm even considering getting my degree in poland where my parents live and where it could be easier to complete and get into the program, but i don't know what are the rules on hiring foreign nurses and how i'd register and certify myself to work as a nurse in the states or the european union for that matter. i will do whatever it takes as long as i know that i can get into a program and start the studies. i cannot afford to wait another year thinking i may get accepted and what if not? does anyone know the answers to those questions? i'm 33 and feel like that's my last chance to do something. please help anyone. thanks.
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  3. by   www.angel29
    There is a forum on international nursing that may help u out some
  4. by   hopefullICUnurse77
    have you thought about working as a CNA, or an EMT-Basic? 1-3 months to get your EMT-B and you could work in an ER, or as a CNA (not sure what the rules are for CNA's in your area meaning licensed/unlicensed) on any hospital floor. Maybe the nursing programs in your area are all full of people with previous medical experience and a better GPA than you. I applied with a 4.0 in my area and got accepted with no wait at all. Maybe, not to waste your life, you could retake some of those classes that you got a B in and turn them into an A, so that your application has a 4.0 on it? BTW... 33 is not the end of life! ... certainly not the last time you may think about a career change either!
  5. by   NurseKitten
    Good advice all of the above.

    Look at the LPN programs, as well.

    Good luck!
  6. by   jlan79
    How do you feel about private schools? Yes, they are more expensive, but easier to get into because they tend to have larger classes. I got into NYU, Adelphi, LIU and Molloy with 3.5 GPA.
  7. by   lorba
    Have you looked into Queensborough Community College, or Laguardia? They're both good schools and since you live in Queens, they would be convenient.
  8. by   Diana sg
    I think you shouldn't give up.. i was rejected for fall2008 in la guardia community college so i transfer to bmcc and did 3 prequisites to get my gpa high and now i got accepted for fall2009 so don't let nobody or what they say stop you
  9. by   guiltysins
    Your best bet would be private schools. Because they have more space so they usually allow people with lower gpa's. The money would be an issue though as I know SUNY's tuition is pretty easy to make while other schools aren't so well. Adelphi and Molloy are around 20k, LIU at 25k and NYU at about 40k.
  10. by   ProfRN4
    Have you taken all of your pre-requisites? If you have, there's probably not much you can do to increase your chances at NCC. Just try again, as your chances of getting in are directly related to the applicant pool (next semester there may be people applying with less than 3.75).

    Also try:

    Suffolk (depending on how far you want to travel)
    Farmingdale (LPN, ADN, or BSN)
    St. Paul's (formerly St. Vincent's)

    If you want to travel to Bkln or Manhattan:
    Beth Israel
    LIU Bkln

    With a GPA like that, you will get in somewhere, but it may cost you more than you were hoping to spend.
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  11. by   Wsmith16
    Just go to the ny state professioanl website that list all the schools in ny & ny state. Some schools in upstate ny dont require a high gpa, but the program is rigourous nonetheless. I know a girl who moved from cali to go to the nursing school upstate with her two kids & now she is done.
  12. by   stillwant2banurse
    I was going to make the same suggestion as nurse educate- from what I have read NCC is the most crowded nursing program on LI. I would also try getting my PCT/CNA and working in a hospital, it will give you valuable experience and it will also give you another edge on a nursing program. You already have a good solid GPA so that is just half the battle, most people apply for more than one school, and they just continue to work, until someone picks them up.

    Either way good luck, keep at it and that wall will come tumbling down
  13. by   caliotter3
    You have only applied to one school. Apply to as many schools as possible. If you get rejected by all of them, consider your other options. You could go to an LPN school. An LPN license would assist you with your application process for RN school. Or you could consider one of the proprietary schools. They are expensive, but there is little waiting, if any. Good luck.
  14. by   Williamsl88
    How about Cuny City Tech in Brooklyn?