Dominican College, NY ABSN 2013-2014 - page 3

Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone here has applied to the Accelerated BSN nursing program at Dominican College in NY starting in May 2013?... Read More

  1. by   NYCRN21
    Congratulations to both of you @Pookie89 and @emilydanz!! So exciting! I didn't set up the exam yet, but that's the first thing I'm going to do, I'll let you know when I schedule it. I'll private message you both, feel free to add me on Facebook Are you guys going to orientation?
  2. by   NYCRN21
    Hmmm, it won't let me private message, can you guys private message me your name, then i'll add you?
  3. by   Ed4200
    Mine is emily Danz... Add me! Congrats!!
  4. by   Pookie89
    Yup, I'll be there at orientation! See you then~
  5. by   Ed4200
    Yay see you then! Add me on Facebook! Ill be deleting my threads soon.
  6. by   nayesab24
    i just recieved my acceptance letter in the mail as well!!!! super excited!!!! when is everyone taking the placement exam? and add me on facebook as well would love to know and talk to people through the process.
  7. by   nayesab24
    I just got accepted to dominican college as well. How do you sign up to take the exam? Can def add me on facebook nayesab24 its good to know someone before orientation.
  8. by   Ed4200
    Add me on Facebook: Emily Danz
  9. by   NYCRN21
    Congrats, @nayesab24! Feel free to private message me and I'll give you my name & add you on Facebook
  10. by   Pookie89
    Hey gennisajenius, whats your name? I'll look for you on fb. I can't private message you. This blog doesn't let anyone do that.
  11. by   TipRizzo

    I guess I will be seeing you guys at orientation because I also got in! I am super excited but i have heard so many horror stories on here that I am a little bit nervous. How about y'all? Do you ladies know anyone who has graduated form their nursing program?

    Let me know!
  12. by   Ed4200
    Hi @tiprizzo,

    Some of us from this thread are actually finishing and graduating in may. This was from last year!

    Best of luck to you!

  13. by   TipRizzo
    @Ed4200 OH MY!!! How embarrassing! LOL In that was it?? And how much was it?! Congrats!