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  1. Hi everyone,
    I need an answer from someone/body who does not know me please. I have an application for the LPN class i have went so far as filling it out and just need the bank check. I am 46 (don't care who know) and i am presently working, i have a 13 year old and who would being H.S at the time of me entering the program, if I'm chosen. I have also registered for college because i don't know what to do. Here's the problem I have MS, have had it for the last 7 years, i still walk ,talk and everything, i am in pain alot from the illness, and my gait is not that great. I have always wanted to be a nurse, the first time i was in college about 10 years ago i had to leave to take care of my grandparents (education on hold) now i have gotten an application and i don't know what to do. my husband says that (he use to work in a hospital) and it is very taxing on my body and just studying for it, is alot, he supports me with what i would like to do but also tells me that i am a very talented person and just go to school earn credits and move on in my career. I always wanted to be a nurse can someone please help me? what would you do. I was once told that when asked a question as the one i have you have to put yourself in my shoes. I will answer all question that you might have and i am open for any comments. I want to thank any and everyone who wants to be or already is a nurse, i know its hard work, sacrifice and it has to be in your blood, but ask yourself as i have been asking myself when was the last time you saw a handicap nurse, and was she front and center at your attention. I am not mad but i did want to make one of my dreams come true and yes i do have medical assistant experience so i am not all that bad, can take some painless blood and give good injection. Remember i still have all my have my wits about me, i just have the label MS with some of the effects.
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  3. by   roseynurse345
    This is tough question, it actually depends on how much you can handle. LPN school can be very tough and taxing, it is not always physical, it can be v. stressful. My class started off with 27 students in four months, we were down to nine, this first four months everyone cried at least once in the bathroom. In the work field, your best bet could be working in a clinic, nursing home and hospitals can be physically very demanding.
  4. by   Wsmith16
    I think you should go for it but I do not know the extent of your illness. My only concern is that nursing is extremely STRESSFUL, and I wouldn't want it to aggravate your ms. But maybe you can work in area that is not as stressful as a hospital setting. Maybe you should research which setting LPNs are needed in the most before you pursue this career.

    I found this link in the first year nursing section from a nurse with MS. You may want to PM her & ask for advice. Best of luck.
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  5. by   3Triages
    God Bless I think you should go for it. You should not let your disability get in the way, because there are different areas of nursing now a days for LPN's. Do not let anybody disparage you from your dreams,if being a nurse is what you want you should go for it. Good Luck!!
  6. by   llg
    I think that you should find another career in the health care field that would be less physically stressful. You're not getting any younger nor any healthier with the passage of time. In the years ahead, it will be increasingly difficult for you to physically care for patients. However, there are other health care roles that are less physically demanding (such as health education, counseling, radiology tech, nutritionist, pharmacy tech, etc.) that you will probably be able to do for many, many years.

    Rather than set yourself up for stress, hardship, and disappointment ... why not choose a career for which you are better-suited? You could still be involved in health care, working with patients, helping them, etc. ... but not put as much physical stress on your body. You would have a much greater chance of success and happiness.

    I am 52 years old and have a hearing impairment. While I am not an expert with MS, I have known some people with the disease. It's with all the best intentions that some people say, "Go for it!" "Don't give up on your dreams!" etc. etc. ... but ... In real life, we are usually best off choosing career paths that will fit well with our abilities. With an interest in health care, you have many good options to choose from. You should be considering all of them rather than clinging to the career that first caught your attention.

    Good luck with whatever you decide.
  7. by   kcochrane
    I went to LPN school with a lady that had MS, but she really had mild symptoms at the time. She actually was the top student. She didn't practice her LPN, but went on to get her RN. So yeah, the LPN school is doable, especially if you looked at a part time program. Full time, you are looking at 21 hours of clinical when you start clinical.

    Honestly, I think that you are better off going for your RN at least...if not your BSN. LPNs in many facilities are also used as CNAs. I can tell you that at age 42 with no physical problems, it was rough for me when I first started working. I am now working on my RN so that I have options and have switched to the night shift.
  8. by   digestthis
    Thanks to all that have posted a remark i am going for it and i pray everthing will be alright are there any other places i should apply? each one teach one, there is nothing to gain just more to share.
  9. by   2bNurse Elizabeth
    I know you posted this awhile ago and I really hope that you chose to go for it! I, too, have some physical limitations, the most serious of which is that I had triple bypass open heart surgery 2 years ago. However, like you, I've always wanted to be a nurse. I'm doing all I can to make myself as healthy as I can be and I'll be starting nursing school in August, God willing. I would suggest, however, that you do all you can to minimize stress elsewhere in your life if at all possible. Hopefully, your family is supportive of your goals and can help you in that respect.

    Here's to you!
  10. by   digestthis
    Thanks for your answer i have since taken the test awaiting the results in 3 more weeks and then it is what it is, but whatever it is i will be on top of it and going foward with my goal