cost of living question??

  1. hello all! i'm currently living in a small town in a PA. however, i have a friend moving to hoboken and working in NYC. i know that nyc/hoboken area is super expensive, so i was wondering if it is possible to live there off a nursing salary? i'm currently in school, and would be moving there when i graduate, so i would be starting out as a new grad. she told me that a stuido apartment in a nice building is 1500 a month. can a new nurse afford this? i guess i don't really know the salary of a nurse in this area....any input on living expenses and salaries would be helpful.

    thank you
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  3. by   moonberry
    HI hushpupgrl,

    Hoboken is a really nice area with lots of new condos and restaurants. The salary in NYC starts around 65,000+ so if your rent is about 1500, i think it is still affordable. If you live in hoboken and close by the Path trains, then you probably don't need to worry about getting a car so that will also save you some money.
  4. by   cusegirl10
    I have a few friends that live in 'boken and its great. The rent is reasonable (compared to manhattan) and its a great place for 20 something proffessionals. There are great places to eat, a cute downtown area, and my favorite bagel place. The path is SUPER easy and it brings you right to the WTC area or further uptown. Im looking at places there in case I get a job in the city
  5. by   cusegirl10
    oh and I have friends there that barely make 35 grand a year and afford rent. At almost 70 a year i think youll be fine
  6. by   pcicurn7
    Definitely. Hoboken is a fantastic place to live if you are single and working in the city (although plenty of families live there too). And, it is definitely affordable on a RNs salary.

    I live in Edgewater, about 15 min away from Hoboken. Waterside, very nice. Also affordable with an RNs salary (and i've lived here for a few years, before becoming an RN).

    Good luck!
  7. by   chuck1234
    Are you a big spender?
    If not, $1500/month rent is an OK....