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The thread here for the Columbia University ETP program for entry in 2012 is pretty long (45 pages right now!), so I was hoping to elicit some of the same responses for those who are applying in... Read More

  1. by   LaurenMW
    @ARickli, thanks for using your stalking skills for the greater good of prospective Columbia nursing students but lets hope it is not as late as 2/11 this year!

    @FingersCrossed, yes we are talking about the apply yourself website, I believe there will be a new link on that portal when the decisions are up (which you will follow to view your electronic decision letter)
  2. by   hannahzp
    Does anyone know how many students they accept per specialty?
  3. by   salinn
    I was told that they don't really have set numbers for each specialties with the exception of midwifery and anesthesia. Midwifery has a maximum of 25. Online it says that the ETP class is generally between 160-180.
  4. by   hannahzp
    Thanks salinn! Any idea on total number of applicants?
  5. by   salinn
    Not sure about this year but the person I spoke to at CUSON said that some years it is 800+.
  6. by   LaurenMW
    Quote from salinn
    Not sure about this year but the person I spoke to at CUSON said that some years it is 800+.
    Oh my! I had no idea that many applied.. that is so discouraging
  7. by   hannahzp
    Wow that is a lot. Well we will know soon enough!
  8. by   feminista_siempre
    So just to clarify, they will email us that a change has been made to our application status and then we will check the portal?
  9. by   ARickli
    I think it depends on who you ask. There have been years that there were 700+ applicants. lists 250+ applicants and an 80% acceptance rate!((
  10. by   samdaman
    Well, guess we'll have to wait another day....anxiously anticipating word soon!!!
  11. by   the healer's art
    I'm secretly hoping we don't heat for a little bit because that'll give me more time to decide whether or not to accept! LOL
  12. by   ARickli
    Anyone think that today is the day??

  13. by   adt913
    i just called admissions and the woman who answered the phone said she really had no information but she would guess itw ould be sometime next week does anyone know anything about overall acceptance rate for the ETP program? Sorry if this was asked already!