Cochran, Dorothea, Beth Israel & Touro 2012 Applicants

  1. The deadlines for Fall 2012 are quickly approaching. Has anyone received a call back about their applications or taken their entrance exams?These are my top 4 choices and I am very anxious to get into one of their programs.
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  3. by   nylady07
    I have taken my entrance exam for Beth Israel and it wasn't too bad. Easier than I expected. I am still waiting on Dorothea but when I called to make sure they have everything, the gentleman said he was just looking at my app, everything came in and I should a letter for testing dates by next week. So basically, Im still waiting. lol
  4. by   Laleo
    Quote from Laleo
    The deadlines for Fall 2012 are quickly approaching. Has anyone received a call back about their applications or taken their entrance exams?These are my top 4 choices and I am very anxious to get into one of their programs.
    I take the NLN exam for Beth Israel tomorrow.. I'm so nervous. I'm getting so much better with my Science. Now I'm more nervous about the Vocab section. It's difficult to learn so many words in such a short period of time.
  5. by   nylady07
    How was your NLN exam for Beth Israel? Did you hear back from Hopfer?

    I am a bit nervous now. I got a letter inviting me to take the TEAS from hopfer so now im waiting to see if I got my first choice for dates and I have an interview with Beth Israel next week thursday.
  6. by   Laleo
    Hey.. I just noticed I asked you the same thing in the previous
    The NLN was really difficult but I ended up getting a 130 composite. Hopefully that's a good score. I don't know what grade is considered good and bad.

    For Hopfer, the just emailed me stating that they just sent out the invitation. So I should receive it in the next few days. I'm planning to take it mid April.

    When I called Touro, they said my portfolio was in review and I should be getting a call within the next week of so. That's my last choice because it's all the way in Brooklyn
  7. by   Laleo
    And how did you do on the NLN by the way?
  8. by   nylady07
    I did pretty good. I got a 140 which is in the 97th Percentile. Your 130 composite is in the 91 percentile so you did great. Don't worry about it. You should hear from them soon. I picked 4/13 at 10am as my first choice date for hopfer so maybe we will be there at the same time.

    Have you finished all your pre-reqs? after this semester I only have micro and maybe philosophy if i get into beth israel. I plan taking these in the summer.
  9. by   Laleo
    Ohhhh really?? I'm so excited now.I took AP1,ap2, physcology, and sociology.I'm planning to take micro in the summer.
  10. by   nylady07
    Do you know if the TEAS test taken at Hopfer is a paper test or computer? I hope its by computer because its easier to avoid mistakes for me and I get the results back quicker.
  11. by   Laleo
    Yayyyy I got accepted to Touro!!!
    I have to give in my deposit by April 30th so I hope that Beth Israel or Hopfer gets back to me by then.

    I believe Hopfer is the computerized version.

    Have you gone to your interview yet with Beth Israel? If so, how was it?
    Do you think I should call to get an update? I don't want to seem like a
  12. by   nylady07
    I actually on my way home from the interview right now. My interviewer so nice and the interview itself was very comfortable. She asked me questions about which program I'm interested in, done questions about what I stated in my essay, and explained a bit more about the program. She stated they are in works of offering a bsn soon. She said my app was excellent and there is a committee meeting on Apr. 2 to make the first round decisions so I should call her on the 3rd to hear the results but basically I would be accepted. Then she took me around the facilities show showed off the different labs and classrooms. ( the labs are awesome). She stated that if your called for an interview most likely you would be accepted. There was about 800 applicants and they are choosing about 130. It looks like they look at your grades and nln scores and then if those look good, they look at your essay. It doesn't hurt to call and see where your application is as far as an interview goes.
  13. by   Madras
    Got accepted to Touro!!

    Withdrew my application to Beth Israel because of the commute into the city. LIRR is getting expensive! :/. Much easier to drive my little gas efficient thing into brooklyn. Excited and starting this summer! Finally getting into nursing school doesnt it feel like you've come such a long way already!
  14. by   AspiringNurse87
    Hey! I was accepted to Touro College as well for Summer 2012! Im exicited but a bit confused because someone was saying that they are not cert. with NLN of something like that? Im confused... I want to accept they're offer BUT this has me a little worried :/