Anyone apply to adelphi BSN for spring 08 - page 2

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  1. by   surehands2
    yeah same here i just had to guess on the last 6 questions
  2. by   Slimlady727
    you should be fine. i didnt get accepted so i called and was told my test scores were good but my gpa (from my first ba) was the reason. good luck
  3. by   surehands2
    what was your GPA if you dont mind me asking you making me nervoius now
  4. by   surehands2
    i just got accepted to Molloy!!!
  5. by   akanini
    I have a BA in another field and a LPN certificate. Does anyone know how long Adelphi will take for me if I apply and get accepted? I don't have sciences do I need to have them first?