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  1. by   Brooklynqueen
    hello! congrats to everyone getting in the BMCC nursing program!! I also was accepted into the BMCC day program!!! yeahhhhh!!! yes, IM STILL IN SHOCK!!! DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT HAPPEN TO PROF. KILTS YESTERDAY??? Not to mention I was extremely caught off guard! Was it the drug cards not received???? WHAT HAPPPENED???????
  2. by   Brooklynqueen
    ooh yeah, the reading its a killer ...but I can officially say I now have a new sleeping mates! It's loaded with alot of stories to tell and its called kozier & Erb's fundamental of Nursing! lol EVERY NIGHT THEY HAVE A STORY TO TELL!!! ooooh, gotta run, they are calling me with another story!!! study study study guys!!! we can do this!!

    oh, ps, did you guys all turn in your DRUG CARDS???? I KNOW I DID!!!
  3. by   JuniperLee
    Hey everyone!

    I know me and a few others are planning to study tomorrow after class and after practicing in lab. One of our fellow classmates said we can rent a room in the library (large or small private rooms) for about 3 hours or so! Which is great so no one can interrupt us. Also, if any of you need a laptop (unless you have your own already) we can rent those too. So if anyone is interested, let me know! I'll also send out messages on facebook.

    If I don't hear from anyone else, see you all tomorrow!
  4. by   sterlik
    hi cp1983!!!!

    i saw that you have finished baruch and have taken pre-req there. i am at baruch this spring, but dreaming to transfer to bmcc for nursing. please, can you help me with this: how can i found out what classes such as chemistry or math can i take at baruch, so they can be counted as pre-req at bmcc????i am so frustrated;the advisers know nothing. i search this site all the time to get some information. i will appreciate your help!!
    thanx in advance
  5. by   CP1983
    Hey Sterlik!

    Well, the nursing pre-requisites that you need for the BMCC for program, currently, is Anatomy and Physiology 1, English 201, Math for Health Sciences and Psychology. When I applied to BMCC in 2008 (I graduated from Baruch in 2006), they transferred over my Art Survey class, Speech, English 201 and Psychology 101. They told me I had the option of not transferring over my English 101 class because I received a B- and they told me I wouldn't get in the prorgram with anything lower than a B+ (that's an option they give transfer students). Honestly, since Baruch is mainly business-oriented, it's really difficult to tell you which classess to take there and "hopefully" they are transferred over to BMCC. I do not want to tell you the wrong information. But I can definitely tell you that if you decide to transfer to BMCC or graduate from Baruch first, they are going to tell you to take certain classes, either way. You really can't run away from it but the most you can try is to take the classes that you need and avoid the "extra" classes that you don't need. BMCC may tell you need to take chemistry 121 before you take Anatomy and Physiology; they will also tell you that you need Developmental Psychology, which I recommend you to take it a BMCC because I think the 4 year schools split the class up into two semesters and at BMCC is only one (you can save money). Also, I can suggest that you go to and click "Current Students" and then click "TIPPS" (Transfer Information and Program Planning System). This will tell you which classes you can transfer among all the CUNY colleges. I think that will help you the most. Actually, the direct link to TIPPS is

    Yeah, I understand that sometimes advisors may not know everything. Those advisors can only tell you what you need to graduate from Baruch college. Maybe if you have time, check out if BMCC have an open house and or feel free to look through their website.

    If you have any more questions, let me know! I hope that helps! Good luck with everything!
  6. by   CP1983
    Hey Sterlik,

    I was curious and looked at the website, myself (TIPPS) and hopefully, when you get a chance, you check it out. It will tell you exactly what classes you can take and transfer over to BMCC. I checked out that Baruch has this class call BIO 3025, Human Physiology that is equivalent to BIO 425, Anatomy and Physiology 1 in BMCC. The only thing that worries me is that Baruch will probably want you to take a pre-requisite (or even 2 classes but I am not sure) before you take Human Physiology. BMCC is the same way, since I said before that I had to take Chemistry 121 before I could take Anatomy and Physiology 1. But TIPPS will help you alot.
  7. by   sterlik
    cp1983 !!!!!wow, i didn't even expect that you will reply so fast and in such details!!!!!thank you sooooo much!!!i think you are such a nice person!!!!thanx, thanx thanx )))that's what i thought: i will have to take the science classes and that math at bmcc. i will visit bmcc next week;just a little bit confused, because i heard that it is gonna be difficult to find somebody to talk to among their staff. and i have sooo many questions )))

    btw this site is amazing!!!
  8. by   CP1983
    Hey Sterlik! No problem! You are welcome to ask me anything else! I apologize for responding this late, finals are coming up so I am just studying, most of the time! But I hope everything works out for you. I wouldn't say that it is difficult to find someone to talk; if you have the nursing department's direct number, you can call them and ask them questions. Sometimes they may direct you to the bmcc website to read about the nursing program since all the information is there; it's good to read the website first and seek clarification from the staff, if you need to. But good luck with everything!