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New Traveller needs help w/recruiter!


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First, let me say that I'm not ultra-picky

or difficult to please, am very non-confrontational,

but I do feel that perhaps my recruiter is being less

than honest w/me. Tell me what you think, if you don't

mind: I have been working w/this recruiter for the

last 3

almost 4wks on a position; at 1st

he was gung ho and "excited" to get things going. As

time has gone on (once he got me to agree to the

position), he has become less friendly and almost

"irritated" on the rare occasions that I call him. The


positions he listed open were 7a/7p or 11a/11p. I told

him I would work either one of those shifts, but

preferred to not

work nights, especially if there was an option, he

said no problem, positions are open. After

days and days of getting the run around from him, not

answering my questions, generally acting "irritated"

if and when I ever called him, he calls and says "good

news', I THINK I've got you a position, no interview

w/NM or hospital, and it's a 7p/7a slot. I was like

"what happenned to the day/eve positions?" he said

"they've been taken". So, I'm bugged, but (d/t my

inexperience and wanting this particular position so badly) I say,OK, I GUESS

I can work noc's, but I don't want to if there are

other shifts open. He says, "oh once you get there,

you can switch to another shift once it opens up". So,

reluctantly I say OK. He says he'll get back w/me

"soon" and let me know yes or no. I'm thinking "what

is going on here?"! Several days go by, nothing from

him, but lo and behold the staffing person

from the hospital calls me! (Not the NM, I have never

interviewed w/her) We have a great interview and

it turns out my recruiter had start dates AND shifts

all wrong! She says, yes I DO have a day shift opening

, it's yours if you want it. I say sure!

Everything is good, she says I'll get you confirmed

and you'll be on your way. I'm like "Great, perfect!".

So I call my recruiter, he knows nothing of the

interview, nothing about different start dates and

shifts, but I told him "look, she's going to confirm

me, here's the date, so that's it". He did not seem

happy...?why? He says "I'll check into it, and get

back to you but it sounds like you've got the

position, I'll let you know". I'm thinking "why can't


just call her, confirm, send me the contract and we'll

be done??? Several more days go by, he calls me and

says, oh sorry, another mistake, there really isn't a

day shift opening, just the night shift, so, oh well,

you can switch once you're there if one opens up. Now

I'm really bugged, b/k the HOSPITAL staffer has told

me she has this position! He says it's her mistake,

apology, apology, etc. So I'm back at square 1! I

finally get the contract(2 days ago) for 7p/7a,

doesn't say

anything about me switching shift upon availability...

Well, that very day (Thursday) this

recruiters OWN company posts another 11 or so needs

for this same hospital, same job, 7a/7p - 11a/11p, starting Nov/Dec, plus

some noc positions!!!! I call him immediately, stating

"Hey I want one of those day/eve slots!" He acts like

he doesn't know what I'm talking about...says, you got

it "he'll get back to me"! So, yesterday, I CALL HIM

back and he says :"oh, those aren't really open

positions, they're only open if the current travellers

don't extend"! Now I'm like WHAT THE HECK??? WHY is he


jobs that "aren't really open??? He just keeps

saying"sign the contract for noc's, and you can switch

once you're there". Yeah right!

So I'm really mad at this point, thinking what

should I do, and I log on this am and lo and behold

there is YET ANOTHER posting from his company showing

open day/eve shifts!!! Now I'm really PO'd.

It's not that I won't work noc's, but, now, it's the

principle of the thing, I applied for posted

positions, that he claims to have had, and now they

are advertising MORE, it bugs me to think someone will

come in getting the shift I want when i've been trying

to finegle this for the last month!

Am I being unreasonable? Am I being "played"/taken

advantage of, b/k he thinks "I've got her for noc's,

I'll save the day slots for another nurse"??? What

sense does that make?

I don't know , this guy acts like such a jerk whenever

I talk to him, I totally do not trust him.

ALSO, just a little while ago, yet ANOTHER company has

posted the same open slots for this smae job, same hrs!!!

Now I really feel like he's lying to me!

Sooooo sorry this is sooo long.

What would you do?

:stone :stone

bagladyrn, RN

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I would NOT work with this recruiter! He sounds as though he is definitely giving you the runaround. If he's this hard to get in touch with when he's trying to recruit you, what is he going to be like if you have a problem later. Don't worry about his feelings (annoyed, etc.) - this is his job - to work with you! It sounds to me like he is trying to pressure you to take the less desirable shift because you are new and he thinks he can pressure you into it, thereby saving the easy to fill day shifts.

Personally, I would either call this company and request (politely demand in other words) a new recruiter, or explore options with another company. Don't go into anything you are not comfortable with, and don't let yourself be manipulated.

It does get easier as you go along and learn what to ask for and how to be assertive about it! Don't let one bad recruiter keep you from enjoying the experience.

You need to speak to someone higher up the food chain in this travel company. Possibly this recruiter gets a 'kickback' for staffing the more undesirable slots first. I went through a horrific experience with a recruiter that so marred my perception of travelling that I am now working, miserably I might add as staff in the pit of h#ll just to avoid the mere possibility of another fiasco. Lied to me, sent me to a position that I was totally unqualified for and had no experience in, also lied to facility and stated that I had experience/advanced training in this particular area and then was less than helpful when I called and wanted out of the contract before I lost my license! Had the nerve to tell me that I should have to 'buy out the contract', well I spoke to a manager of the company and had the NM fax the 'fake resume' he submitted on my behalf, needless to say I got out of the contract. But it made me look and feel like a flaky idiotic naivete. Go with your gut, and never let some recruiter make you feel as though you are putting them out for making them do their job. Good luck to you.

If you like the overall company, I would request another recruiter. But, I would actually fire the entire company!

The bait-and-switch tactic is common with some companies and, unfortunately, new travelers get caught in the trap! (and sometimes "old" travelers!)

Remember, the company and the recruiter works FOR YOU! Not the other way around! You have the final say on where you go, with what pay, what time frame, etc.

PLEASE, don't let one "bad apple" turn you away from traveling. There are MANY good companies and recruiters out there to choose from. Don't feel pressured into taking something that "doesn't feel right" to you, or has made you angry.

Good Luck!;)


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Thanks for all your responses. The recruiter of this company is supposedly the owner/president of the company! So, I guess I'll be firiing the whole darn company! LOL Question is: Is there anyway to still get this job I want, I've basically secured a position there, with a different company? Should I call the hospital directly? I thought they didn't like getting in the middkle of these types of things...

Should I just bag the whole thing and look for something else?

Thanks for any/all suggestions!

I think you posted that you saw the position posted with another company? Either way, I would actually call the NM that you spoke to and tell her/him of the difficulties that you are experiencing with this recruiter/company, that you REALLY want this position - but with the actions of THIS company, you cannot go with them. Ask what other companies the facility works with and would they accept you going with one of those companies.

If you really want this assignment, you probably have to do some of the work yourself. Sorry this has happened to you. I hope it works out.

If not, I guess I would chuck it under "things I have learned as a traveler"! Could you post the name of the unscrupulous company as a warning for the rest of us?

renerian, BSN, RN

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I have called places I wanted to work and asked what company they use before without a problem. I sure would not want to work with him or the company.



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Sure, I'll post the company...some may be surprised, b/k on the delphi TN&T forum it seems they have a "good" reputation, however I was privately e-mailed by someone that this company is notorious for using this "bait and switch" method!

The company is Abetta, I'm dealing with Todd Kasten as the recruiter.

renerian, BSN, RN

Specializes in MS Home Health.

Thanks moondancer for the tip. I want to travel again in the future.



Specializes in Case Mgmt; Mat/Child, Critical Care. Has 18 years experience.

Wanted to give an update....

I called the agency that deals directly w/the hospital on these contracts and was told by the person who deals directly w/the agencies(my own included) that it is true: there are not any "real" positions open YET, these are possible, "anticipated" needs for the winter. I wondered why companies are posting these as open positions to the travellers, and was told "you should be leery of those companies". Hmmm, well my own company is one that has these postings...

So, I call the hospital directly, speak w/the person who co-ordinates hiring of travellers for this facility and she tells me, just that morning, they have decided not to open up any more positions until after Christmas, and then it will only be 1 night shift position.

So, even though it still sounds a little odd,it seems as if the recruiter is telling the truth. I don't want to start sounding paranoid either! LOL

I still don't think this excuses the way my recruiter acts when I'm dealing w/him, but at least I guess he's being honest about the positions....

Thanks for everyone's help. :)

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