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I recently passed the HAAD exam but I still do not have the certificate of passing.

I emailed HAAD and Pearson Vue a loooot of times already and I also spent a lot on phonecalls trying to get thru HAAD for this matter. However, they just redirected me to another link and number which nobody is answering.

My friend who works in Abu Dhabi also called HAAD thrice already but still , the issue has not been solved.

i want to ask everyone who took and passed the HAAD-RN exam recently, like this year (2015) on how did they get the log in details needed to access the HAAD Results.

Don't get me wrong, I already saw the result of my exam in the bpmweb.haad website thru the exam results tab but the HR of my facility is asking me for the log in details to view the HAAD result.

Anyone who knows how to get this log in details, your response is greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot! :cat:


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