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I am getting ready to start the nursing program at Glendale Community College in July, and I was wondering if anyone has any helpful hints on how to prepare or what to expect. I am very nervous and excited at the same time. Thanks JC


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CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! :yeah:

You are embarking on a journey of self discovery, ups & downs. I do not know what your school will be like, but I can tell you nursing schoolis like no other program. I was an engineering major b4 and I thought nursing school kicked my booty!

But I don't mean to scare you. The best thing to do is that first day of nursing class, just breathe and take it in. When you get that syllabus, read the chapters and stay ahead. You don't necessarily have to take a gazillion notes while you do this home reading. Just read to be familiar with the info. Then go to class and pay attention, take notes. Then go home and review your notes and whatever you were confused on, re-read. Join study groups - trust me, your fellow nursing classmates will be your biggest support. If your school makes you go to that mandatory library tour, take advantage - our school's "library" was actually the hospital's library and on their website they had all kinds of nursing books that helped me dearly when developing care plans (just wait til you have to do those!)

Speaking of care plans (it may not make sense to you now since you haven't done one yet,but just keep in mind when you do have to do one) - don't rip your hair out! Ask your instructor for help, and when you get it back revised the first time, do not panic if there is writing all over it - this critique will help you with each and everyone of those plans.

Hope this helps :D

breathe and ENJOY! You made it in - that's an accomplishement in itself :nurse:

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Expect a lot of work and frustration that evolves into a sense of accomplishment and self-worth. And keep in touch


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Great!!! Study, study, study...not only the text books, but other books, magazines, etc. The Nursing Demystified series is great. Keep a calendar of "stuff"! By all means, take time out for yourself! You'll be done before you know it! I just graduated last week! Have fun!

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you should be checking out the sticky threads on the student forums (click the students tab above). in particular, check the nursing student assistance and general nursing student discussion forums. since someone brought up care plans i will tell you there is a sticky thread on writing care plans in the general nursing student discussion forum. you might also find this sticky of interest: - looking for test taking strategies since it specific addresses those critical thinking type questions on nursing tests and how to deal with them.


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Congratulations for getting into the program and taking the first step to becoming a nurse.

I just graduated and nursing programs can be a meat grinder for students. I am not sure how many people we "lost" but there were a lot.

The biggest thing that I noticed was most of the people that failed were intelligent, had CNA experience, and seemed to know what they were talking about, but could not hack the classroom work. Either they did not try (slackers/procrastionators), or did not understand test taking techniques, or had family/friend distractions.

I guess what I am trying to say is KEEP TRYING, DON'T GIVE UP. You don't need to be a rocket scientist, just stay motivated, keep interested in the material, ask the instructors/students for help and you will do fine. The student nursing atmosphere was one of the most welcoming groups of people I have ever worked with, they will help you if you ask for it.

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