New student and questions re: Titer and immunizations?

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I just got accepted to Keiser and i brought my immunizations from childhood. And was told that they were too old. and i have to get the Titer to find out what i'm immune to.

Have any of you all had to to do this?

If so, where did you go to get this done?

How much was it ? (i currently don't have any health ins.)

Thanks in advance

I am starting an LVN program in October and I had to get blood titers to prove immunization as well. They said that the clinical sites require this. I got it done at my primary care doctors office and haven't gotten the bill yet so I can't answer how much it will cost!!


Yes, school said it was now required by hospitals. my insurance didn't cover it; cost about $250 for titers + ppd

Yes I have, and I dont remember how much it cost, but i had titers ran at my doctors office for school, for chicken pox, measels mumps and rubella or MMR it was about 15 years ago, but I am sure they still do this, hope this info was helpful.

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I had to show proof of immunizations, mine were too old and some never were transcribed, I had a choice of titer or booster, I decided to have a titer, and didn't require any boosters. Insurance covered everything 100%

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If you call your MD or any ambulatory care or walk-in clinic, they will quote you cash price for services if you ask. I work in a clinic and have given PPD to lots of new nursing students.

We had a patient who had Hepatitis B titers drawn after completing the series, and then didn't acquire immunity so is completing the injections again. I think I would have signed the waiver instead!

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I paid cash to have five different titers drawn (measles, mumps, rubella, varicella, and hepatitis B). At $14.50 each, my grand total was $72.50 for all five titers. This was at a major hospital in Oklahoma City last year.

I had to do the same. Usually at your local health department the immunization is cheaper except for Chicken Pox Immunication is $200 and titer is $45

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