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I am a new nursing student and am very interested in pursuing a specialty in infusion nursing. I am aware that I will need to have at least a couple years of experience in a nursing position that involves IVs and also acquire a certification in that specialty. Which types of nursing jobs are best suited for my experience in infusion before getting certified?

I personally want to avoid the ICU, ER and OR nursing (which I know would be good experience but I just cant see myself doing). Something involving acute care, long term care, and possibly home health would be better suited for me. I also would prefer a position with 3-4 day night shift work weeks with longer hours instead of the traditional 5.

MunoRN, RN

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You might consider a procedural area where patient's require IV's to be started.  For our new grads we stick them (no pun intended) in the pre-heart cath unit for a day or two, they easily get 10-20 IV starts a day there.  


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I believe that LTC and HH will not really provide the quantity of IV experience that you seek. Some, maybe, but not a lot.

A bloodbank is another option.

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I'm curious what attracts you to infusion nursing as a new grad?

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You can work in a med/surg oncology unit to learn how to start IV's, maintain PICC's, access/maintain ports.  You'll get chemotherapy experience if that's the kind of infusion center you want to work in.  You'd also be giving lots of blood products too.

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