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:roll Hi can anyone out there help me with this question? I am a new RN and want to start my career in labor & Delivery. What do i need to do to make this happen? Does anyone know of a hospital that hires new grads. into these positions? Thanks:cool:


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It depends usually teaching hospitals will hire new grads. I notice here in California a lot of hospitals will have L&D courses and will train new grads. That is how I got into NICU I found a hospital that was offering a course. It was 12 weeks long with 2 8 hour days of class room and 3 days of clinical. We were assigned to a preceptor and our progress monitored!!!! I loved it and miss those nice nurses I worked with. I wish you well. Keep us posted.


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find a place that has openings in L AND D residency programs. That is your best bet.

good luck.

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I graduated in June and am currently working in a small ICU...I just don't fit least not at this time in my life. I phoned a HR person I interviewed with back in the spring and she set up an L & D interview for me next week. Although they specify that they are looking for 1-2 yrs. L&D experience she said they will take several inexperienced people as long as they have enough of a balance.

Go with what you really want...

I'm still trying to figure out how I ended up in the ICU???:D :confused: :D

best wishes

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