New RN student looking for good studying advice?

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This is my first week in the RN program at LAHC and I feel overwhelmed with notes and readings. Getting use to the routine but still can use some good advive.Thank you and good luck to the rest of all tou students.


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Hi Vanessa and Welcome to the BB.

There are a couple of threads right now on student nursing that give some really good tips for studying.

I hope these will be very helpful to you !:)


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vaness, hello and welcome to the board.


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Believe it or not but flash cards and a small study group (3 or 4 people) have helped. And what ever you do..... DON'T fall behind! As crappy as it seems reading those 50 plus pages, it's even worse having to do twice as much in half the time. GOOD LUCK!


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hello, good luck. i'm in my third semester of RN school. harder than hell is the only way i can describe it. but rewarding at the end. (at least that is what all my nursing friends say).

Some advice from me is listen and read and don't read so much into a question on a test. Good luck.


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Hi Vanessa,

Congratulations on your first week of nursing school!

You have allready received a lot of good advice.

What works best for me is to go to lecture and then within a day or two read the corresponding chapter(s) in the book.

Never get behind on your reading or studying because it is sooooo hard to make it all up before an exam.

Don't try to study everything a day or two before the exam. Really try to study a substantial amount of material every week or even every day. Then studying for the exam will just be a review and a breeze.

Stick to a schedule. For example, I work each day 8:30 - 5 Mon. - Friday and attend class one or two nights a week. I always try to study at the same time for the same amount of time each day. ie. every weeknight after dinner from 7:30PM to 10:00PM and every Saturday Morning for 4 hours.

I have found that re-writing my notes multiple times helps too.

Good luck!


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