New RN off of orientation and stressed out!!!!!


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I hope this is true. New ED RN about to go off of orientation and Im really nervous! I don't feel as though I am ready, but I keep hearing that everyone feels this way. Anxiety, at times, is through the roof. Thanks for the reassurance!


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I have had 15 days of orientation. First half with preceptor on day shift. She was by the book and Joint commission standards. Second half with preceptor on night shift. She was not by the book or JCO standards. My anxiety went through the roof. I could hardly function under her. I would be passing meds only to be interrupted by her to call the doctor about a patient she had assessed. She would come in and scan patient armband save and confirm med administration before I had given the patient meds. Preceptors were clearly different as night to day. I have no experience except nursing school clinicals. NOTHING from nursing school clinicals is like the real life experience. Suppose to start on my own this coming week but now based on her eval of me I am receiving 2 more weeks orientation. My unit supervisor and nurse educator asked me what I needed to work on. How could I tell them that my anxiety with this preceptor made it so I could hardly focus on tasks or anything. I need to work on time management but when the preceptor is constantly interrupting when passing meds, patient care, and assessment. Telling me one night pass meds, next complete assessments, next patient care issues, then on top of all that admitting patient to room with no bed or anything (there were rooms available that were ready for patient). Was it a test or just a setup for failure?