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Am a new RN (may) got job LTC on the residents!!!! I am given two (15 pts) and the Alzheimer's wing (24 residents). To be honest getting fed up and wondering if this is what nursing is all about. I feel the residents aren't safe, my license is in jeopardy, and that I am just a glorified pill- pusher. Advice please!!!!!

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Have you done something to put your license in jeopardy? Shown up for work drunk or high? Abused a resident? Witnessed abuse and didn't report it? Falsified medical records?

That's not an unusually high number of residents for one nurse in long term care. Practice what you've learned and you should be fine.


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I did two years in LTC (LPN though) and 3 years as an STNA in LTC before that and honestly that's what is mostly normal, which is why I took a pay cut and went to a doctor's office. I LOVE LTC, it's my passion to work with the elderly and I was good at it but the constant pressure of having too many residents with not a lot of help burnt me out. I had a mini breakdown from working 18 hour shifts w/o a break except for eating some chips at my desk in between mini crises. It IS a lot of pushing pills in LTC but being there for the residents was what kept me going untill I hit my breaking point. I don't ever plan on returning to LTC which makes me very sad but also to be honest very relieved. I wish I had more advice for you but it is what it is and I guess you have to decide how long you can stick it out. Best of luck to you, I hope it works out!


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Most of the time RNs are put doing something like care plans. I have worked LTC as a CNA and a RN. It is busy but I loved working with the elderly, but quit because i did not like giving meds all the time. It seemed like I did not have time to stop and talk with the residents because I would get behind. If you stay long enough you will get a routine down and enjoy the residents. My prayers are with you, good luck. On most nursing jobs these days you will feel pushed. I feel like your license are not in jeopardy if you are following policy.


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All I can tell you Capecod is that I worked medical malpractice before nursing school and lawyers are hungry for nursing home claims because short- staffed does NOT hold up in court. And they will sue the ED, the DON, the company and the RN on duty. I am not the least concerned of my abilities, I am concerned that I am in charge of 15 post- hospital pts ( very acute!) and 24 very confused, Alzheimer's residents. Thanks Tony and Hippydippy for your experience.

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Anyone can be sued for anything. It doesn't mean they win. Carry your own malpractice/liability insurance.

James Sokolof better hope he never needs to go to a nursing home!

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Actually, Jim Sokolove is looking for a nurse case manager at the moment...