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There are some new reports out on NP pay, for those who are interested.  NP pay is increasing, but continues to vary widely by location.

AANP provides a very detailed look at comp by location and specialty.  The report is free for AANP members.


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One other thing to focus on in job comparisons is the benefits package. Not reflected in base pay, that can really be a game changer. I know that my salary may not be the highest but my medical coverage is outstanding, and I will have a great retirement package with medical benefits and full tuition coverage for two of my kids at our state university. That's a $20K raise for each year they're in school (two kids x 4 years). That benefit applies to all employees of the organization so I guess it's not really NP specific, but it makes a lower base salary pretty easy to accept when my medical out of pocket went from $6K to about $100 yearly. 

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