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Hello allnurses!!!

First of all, thank you to everyone who takes the time to respond to all of us crazy, nervous wreck new grads!! I know were all crazy but hey, you remember nursing school it makes you go bonkers!! Go nursing students goooooooo!!!! YOU CAN DO IT!! :yeah:

So, heres my question... :confused: I graduated in May and like most other graduates ive been having some difficulties finding a job. An opportunity came up (through a friend of course) for a Psych job. I have mixed emotions about it to be honest. I really enjoyed my Psych rotations at Aurora Behavior Health but I didnt think Psych would be the best career to get into for a new grad. I am wary that I am going to be forever pigon holed in psych for the rest of my nursing career. I mean hey, maybe ill love it and be happy about that, but maybe I will want to go to OR? (what I originally wanted since before nursing school). The job seems really cool to be honest, and I am excited about it but I just have that little voice that is telling me I wont be able to do anything else! Part of the reasons I became a nurse is to feed my ever changing nature!! I can go from floor to floor after 2-5 years. Do I still have that opportunity with psych??

What are your thoughts fellow RN's?? Ideas? Expereinces? Any input is appreciated!!


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Hello. I think new grads can't be fussy - sorry if u don't like to hear that, but it's better for me to be honest & get u to face reality.

Any experience is great. You get psych patients everywhere - in ED/ER, med/surg, etc. So you will have invaluable skills. You can always do extra training or apply for other jobs later on.

What country are you in?

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Psych is my specialty and my love, but I've moved around in specialties and haven't had problems doing so.... There's always a big learning curve, but that's part of the challenge that I enjoy...


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Look at from this perspective, what if you get into psych and find out this specialty fits you perfectly, like a glove, and you never want to leave (this is what happened to me!). What if in reality you would of hated the OR once you tried your hand at it? You've got a 50/50 shot of liking it but just like the previous poster stated, you've got to get started trying your hand at something now. Don't look back with doubt, just trudge forward.

Besides, my father always taught me that if you want something bad enough, you'll find a way to do it. If you find out you don't like psych, with the help of people in your life and this site, you can skillfully cajole, network, volunteer and sell your positive attributes that will get you a shot at OR nursing with an employer out there.


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Most nurses I know have changed specialties at least 3 times. You are a new grad with no job, take the psych position, you might like it. If you find out its not for you continue to apply for other positions, you have a better chance at getting that OR position with some experience than none at all.

Im also a new grad and recently got hired as a psych nurse. Ive always like psych and super excited about the position, but I also plan on trying Maternity in the future, you have many opportunities as a nurse just get your foot into the door.

Thanks everyone for your words of honesty!! I love it! aaaaaaaaaaand I got the job!! :) I start next week. I am super excited to be honest. Looking forward to this experience.

:pntrghi:carolmaccas66 : I live in San Diego California. And you are totally right, not a time to be fussy, just curious as to what other RN's would say.

:pntrghi:Whispera : I am hoping to gain a lot from this new experience!

:pntrghi:xenogenetic : I keep thinking that over and over! I really did enjoy my rotation at Aurora and although I would not have picked this as my first step, maybe this is right where I am supposed to be! I have a lot to learn in the next comming months and hope I can rise to the occasion. Your father sounds like a smart man! I think ill take that pearl of wisdom with me :)

:pntrghi:linsmirn : Thank you for the advice! I think sometimes I just get caught up in what others say and dont think about what this really means for me. As a fellow new grad im sure you remember how nursing school was with all of that... ugh, so glad that over!!

This is a great position at a great facility with lots of room for advancement. I should just shut my ears to the nay sayers and rock it! :rckn: Guess we can always try something new later right!

thanks again everyone!! :hpygrp: