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I started off with a nice male preceptor but then when he became unavailable for a couple of days, I had to choose to be with a female preceptor. I don't like her method of instruction. She is younger than me but is very bossy and corrects things she has not even checked. For example, we were changing a vent patient and before lowering the bed I turned off the feeds. Well she began saying "turn off the feeds! turn off the feeds!" very loudly. I had to raise my voice mildly to let her know they were turned off even though she should have checked and listened to me when I assured her they were off. Now at that point in time, I had not given her any thing to be insecure about. She is a little extra with lots of things but I cannot go into detail.

Being new, I saw an order for foley discontinuation and removed it. It turns out the doctor discontinued and reordered it. She made such a huge deal about it even though I made sure it was back in and made me do a report. She is very jealous and competitive too. I just started on the floor and everyone seems to like me. Even my patients say very nice things. I don't think she likes that. Because she told the nurse educator that I take too much time with my patients. I get most of the IV's I attempt and when she gets one in, she makes it a point to tell me lol

Next time, even if the order is in, I am confirming it with the doctor. She made me feel really bad and I dont want to be with her on my next shift. She is on a power trip and I feel she is just having fun making me feel low because she can. Also, even though she was discreet about us doing the report alone, she stayed after her shift-which she rarely does- chit chatting. And you all know nurses talk. My concern is that she is going to tell them what happened and no one will feel safe precepting me or teaching me. Am I being too affected by this situation?



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Maybe you should talk to your manager and respectfully and professionally tell her that you don't feel as though you two are a good match for precepting, and that you just have a different style of learning. I can't see why any manager wouldn't honor the request. After all, isn't the goal to learn as much as you can and acclimate while you are orienting? Good luck.

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I'm confused there was an order for the foley to be removed and you removed it. If the MD came back and changed the order then it would be re-inserted. No report here.

She sounds very insecure and nervous. I would have a heart to heart with your manager that she seems nervous and uncomfortable in the precepting role and if there is something that can be done t switch to another preceptor or go back to your original one.

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No one can make you feel inferior without your permission -- with a nod to Esme.

The preceptor seems insecure in her role. Yes, she's doing it wrong, but she probably isn't on a "power trip." She's probably scared to death. I hope you get your first preceptor back, but in the mean time, try not to take this gal's nerves personally.

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