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I am just graduating in May, and will be writing the CRNE in June. I had always hoped to move out west (AB/BC) after school, but recently have been reading that there are no job opportunities out there. Just wanted to hear about what some nurses working out there think about this? How bad is the job market? Do you have to be a permanent resident of either AB/BC to even be considered?

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Basically, in Alberta you have to HAVE a job to get a job. Except in the really remote, isolated small hospitals and auxiliary hospitals, or casual positions. Sure there are jobs posted, but many of them are filled before they're actually posted, or else they aren't filled at all. Really, all AHS is doing is shuffling the deck chairs. Covenant is no better. I definitely wouldn't move without a solid job offer, in writing.


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Agree with what Jan said


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Seriously there are like 4 threads done in the past week about this subject. Please read the forum. I feel like we are constantly repeating ourselves.

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I've been looking at job postings across the country for a year now. The same trends exist everywhere: rural and remote areas will hire full time. The cities are casual, temp, and part time.

Travel nursing is an option if you have two years experience, but again, the positions are for rural. Places that cannot easily staff nurses on their own.

Alberta as Jan mentioned is not hiring anyone actively, even their internal applicants, except for casual, temp, and part time. I am also in AB and soon leaving my position. I'm willing to take my chances. expenses are low, I have no debt, I'm not a new grad, and I can go anywhere.

If you are a new grad, and/or you're not able to be as flexible with location then I would not recommend moving. Stay where you are and take whatever you can get in order to build some experience. At the moment, employers will hire experienced over new grads, and even then, it's slim pickings.

We are not trying to discourage anyone. Start googling in order to get a feel for the job market yourself. Particularly within the last 2 years, AB has been on a hiring freeze, with no end in sight.

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