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To my PICU nurses out there:

What are your nurse to patient ratios for a new-admit, new-onset DKA? 

Ex: blood glucose >1000, pH <6.5, bicarb undetectable; altered mental status —> potassium <1.5; Mg <1.0 despite 2-bag system and repletions.

Would you have other patients with this patient and, if so, how many?


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Probably depends on the other patient.

Most PICUs are 2 patients to 1 nurse, if the patient is super sick, intubated, on pressors, multilple antibiotics, meds, you could be 1:1

However with a pH of 6.5 your patient is likely dead.


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She landed on her feet - very much alive - despite her pH and lyte levels. Definitely one heck of a shift.

Thanks for the info r/t how your unit trends in terms of nurse/patient ratios. 

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