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So I just passed my boards June 21st and have been sending resumes in everyday since, my question is should I accept the first

job that gets offered or should I be picky? I really think I want to do something like ER although I also really liked the OR and ICU , but I'm thinking I might have to settle for a job like med surge to start? Or should I wait it out for an ER Job to call me?

I was in a similar situation. Personally, I was not set on a particular specialty, although I wanted a high acuity specialty.

However, I ultimately ended up accepting a position on an Oncology unit because I really like the hospital environment, as well as thr facility's goals. I don't think you should accept the first offer thst comes your way just because you need a job, but I think that you should definitely have an open mind while applying to positions. Good luck!


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It really just depends on how soon you want to work. If the first job that's offered to you is not what you want then be willing to wait for what you really want. How long? I wish I had a crystal ball so I could tell you. May not be as long as you think. Just be persistent. If you ready to start right away, Med surg is not a bad place to start. You can always transfer to the ER once you get your feet wet. Either way, good luck on your decision and congrats on passing the boards!


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Yeah I s'pose, thanks guys

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At least for me, getting the first nursing job turned out to be the key. It was months before I got my first job offer (office nursing) which I accepted. That job was a terrible fit for me, but I hung in there until a much better job offer presented - in a completely different area of nursing (SNF). SNF actually is a great opportunity to learn many different skills - including skills (prioritization, supervision, along with technical skills. Currently I'm a hospice nurse - which I never imaged I'd be interested in but was exposed to working at the SNF and turned out to be a perfect fit for me.

Several SNF nurses I worked with moved on to be nurses in ICU, ER, L&D, CCU, PCU, and Administrative positions; others discovered that they love working at the SNF.

My point being that sometimes just getting your foot in the door as a nurse - anywhere - is what you need to eventually land the job of your dreams. Or you might be surprised to find you love a different area of nursing than you initially thought you would.


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So I got an interview at two different major hospitals in the area, one is an orthopedic and the other is a medicine floor I'm wondering which would be better for a new grad?


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Ask if you can shadow the unit(s). It will give you the opportunity to check out the staff, their methods, the unit's layout, etc.

Any unit that refuses a shadow day request is, in my opinion, a red flag.