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New nurse with 8 months experience; can I mention COVID experience in my resume?


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I'm polishing my resume since my original one was tailored for 2019 me who was looking for her first job. I took out all my clinical rotations and I'm pretty much spacing everything out because I only have/had one nursing job. I work on a med-surg/telemetry stepdown unit, so you best believe we had the WORST and sickest of New York's COVID bunch. Should I just generalize that I know how to manage ventilators and sedative titration or can I actually name call the situation specifically like "Provided care to critically ill patients during the wake and peak of the COVID-19 pandemic"?

Thanks for the help.

TriciaJ, RN

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Since you have only one job to put on your resume, it has to sell you all by itself. For this reason I'd list the specifics.

I would certainly specify sedation titration and ventilator management and any other transferable skills you acquired. Since you did work with Covid patients you can tout your top notch infection control skills.

Be careful with terms. "Wake" means aftermath, not beginning.

I think the work you've done so far should make you a strong candidate for whatever you want to do next. Good luck.

gwenzilla, BSN, RN

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Thanks for the help and clarification! Hopefully in the future an ICU will take me. 🙂