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Hello all!

Can someone please help me.. I'm a new nurse and recently interviewed for a position with a Home Health Care Agency. The position requires home visits to assess family needs, and "open" the case, as they have already been approved for services. The staff are not HHA, but Personal Care Attendants, so technically not considered "skilled" services. The agency offered to pay $25 per visit and offered $0.55 mileage/gas reimbursement. I dont know anyone personally to ask about this position, if wages appear fair, average length of visit, etc.. (I'm in Philadelphia, .PA). Any info you can provide would be very appreciated! thanks in advance!

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That is about average salary in Philly area for supervising HHA's. Depending on family dynamics, admit visits are about 1 hr or less. Since visit is for NON-SKILLED care purpose to assess patient for safety risks, need for ADL assistance, light housekeeping and writing up the care plan for personal care assistants to follow, and "sell" agency services. Additionally, you are looking to see if patient needs more level of care that you agency can provide and make recommendations for skilled HHA lelve care.

Position usually involves supervising PCA that they are following care plan (visit 13-30min). Depending on payment source: private pay versus office of aging payer. Supervised visits could be q 14 days to q 90 days.

Paperwork is minimal and good way to break into Home Health.

PM me if desired as I performed this type work along with intermittent skilled visits in Philly.

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I am doing the same thing here in NC and get paid about the same. I worked for the agency as an aide while going through nursing school and they asked me to stay on to do supervisory visits PT (I work FT at a LTC/Rehab facility). I only do about 20 visits/month. It is a nice break from the facility and I like visiting the pts.