New Nurse Asks - Should I quit After 6 months?

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Dear Nurse Beth,

I'm a middle-aged new nurse 6 months into my first job-night shift med-surg. Most of my young coworkers are unbearably unsupportive and gossipy. I try to be positive at work but I don't know how much more I can take. Would it be bad to quit my first job after only 6 months experience? Is it like this everywhere in the nursing world? Not sure what to do. Something has to give. Thanks for any advice.

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Dear New Nurse,

It's not unbearably unsupportive and gossipy everywhere in the nursing world. There are teams that work well together. I've met some really good people through work.

Every unit and even shift has its own culture. On the same unit, the night shift can have an entirely different culture than the day shift.

It's definitely not ideal to quit after 6 months, especially since it's your first job. If you could last just another 6 months, you would be more marketable and not have short tenure affecting your work history. 

Is it possible to hang in there, knowing it's not permanent, and just keep your head down and focus on your patients? Is there an option to transfer to day shift or even to another unit? Is there just one coworker that is not in the gossipy crowd that you could befriend? 

Only you know how much you can take, but if you decide to quit, be sure and have another job lined up first.

Best wishes in your decision,

Nurse Beth