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New NP, ? or job search



I will be graduating in May. I am adult-gero and there are many different areas that I like, such as primary care, internal med, geriatrics and oncology. A big requirement for me is to do 4 days per week, not 5. I know that may sound bad, but I just do not like to work 5 days per week.

I have interviewed with a couple of geriatric places, one is not really homecare, but they go to patients homes that are indigent after they have been released from the hospital. I have done homecare in the past and shadowed a NP this past week. Other than ordering medications, there did not seem to be much difference from what I have done as a staff RN and what she was doing as NP. They seem like they may give me an offer. I could do 4 - 8 hour shifts at this place. I am employed under the same health system, so I would keep my seniority date, etc. This position would not manage the patient medically, but focuses on geriatric issues such as incontinence, falls, safety and would contact the primary care doctor if any medical issues occurred.

Another place I have interviewed is where I did my geriatric rotation. They have indicated they would like to hire me. This company has a non-compete clause over 2 years. In our classes they have said not to sign contracts with non-compete clauses. They have indicated they may change the clause to make sure it would be if I just went with their competitor, not other places. I could do 4 - 10 hour shifts there and will find out $ wise in the next week or so. With this company I would be assigned one or two nursing homes to manage patients. They are into "productivity", but the physician who owns the company said with new grads, they do not expect much the first 6-12 months. 10 visits daily would be reasonable she said. I think there would be more variety with this position. I also like managing medical issues.

My question is, I want to make sure I pick the correct position. Also, there may be some primary care positions opening up down the road. I don't know if the money is OK at the nursing home position if I should just take it? I had told them I could make as a staff RN mid to high $70's year, and that I would need at least that or more. They indicated that it would probably be higher, but I do not have $ amounts. They also said my hours would be very flexible as long as I got my job done.

So, should I wait to see if primary care or oncology positions open up? Should I just take the nursing home position? What about the non-compete. Have any of you signed non-compete?

Thanks - I hope this makes sense!


I am in a smallish medical community and would not, personally, sign a noncompete. Otherwise it sounds like you don't yet have enough information to make a good decision. I would think you need specifics about salary, bonuses, benefits, CME, etc., prior to making a decision.

I would look around a bit more before making a decision. Seems like there are a lot of opportunities. I myself am looking now as well. I actually graduated last August but due to my immigration situation am not able to start until that gets resolved. I am fully licensed though with DEA etc...