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New NI Student - how to prepare for future work?


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Hi Everyone,

I just got accepted into CUNY SPS for nursing informatics fall 2020. What other skills? software? Etc should I study, learn in preparation for the work place? I know school doesn’t teach everything I would need to get a job as NI.

Right now I’m working in primary care and have a decent general computer skills. I’m at beginner to intermediate level in MS word, excel, PowerPoint, photoshop. User end EMR: EPIC, Quadramed.

Certification: Certified Diabetic Educator (CDE) totally not needed for NI but great for primary care.

Thank you,

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It is better to get degree in proper tech than in NI. It's waste of time and money. Anyone can be accepted into NI program.


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Most NI programs are....a bit lacking. If I were you, I would spent time learning SQL because no matter what vendor software you work with, reports are always a hot commodity. And even if you are not in charge of doing reports, requests will always come in that will require you to think in terms of queries. You can learn basic Acess online, and then pick up SQL too.

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Specializes in Ambulatory Primary Care. Has 9 years experience.

Thanks for all your tips I’ll find some time to learn those skills