Relocating to Las Cruces

  1. Hi! My husband and I are planning to relocate to Las Cruces in the next six months and I was looking for some current information about nursing in the Las Cruces area. I am interested in NICU nursing or OB/Perinatal nursing. I know there are two main hospitals in the area: Mountain View and Memorial Medical and as far as I know only Memorial has a NICU. I would possibly be interested in working in hospitals in the El Paso area as it is not that far.

    Any information you can help me with is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   dolgre
    There are NO NICU jobs in Las Cruces, only nearby El Paso or up the road in Albuquerque. As for OB/Perinatal, we have units at both hospitals, but I understand new jobs in those areas are a bit tight. I suggest you call the two hospital's nursing recruitment offices for details, as what they advertise on their websites doesn't always correspond to actual openings. Overall, Las Cruces has decent nursing opportunities, especially in areas such as adult icu/ccu/progressive care and med-surge, but you may not get what you want right away if you specialize in the areas you say you are interested in.
  4. by   jeaniekadinee
    There is a hospital called William Beaumont Hospital in El Paso. I think its on post but they are having a bunch of openings it looks like. Hope this helps a little
  5. by   sailornurse
    If you're NICU nurse you will have to try El Paso. I worked at Las Palmas for 5 years, drive is 45 miles, about 45 minutes by the time you park and get into the actual hospital. It does have a NICU. You can also try Providence which is right across from Las Palmas, I do not know if they have NICU. Sierra Medical is down the street maybe 5 miles, I do not know if they have NICU. Sierra-Providence is owned by same company.
    University Medical Center formerly known as Texas Tech most likely does have NICU, it is a teaching hospital, they just opened a medical school there. I dont have phone numbers but they are all on web. Good luck.