New Grad moving to Albuquerque in December - page 4

I will be a new grad moving to Albuquerque this December. Is there anyone out there that can give me any advise on what to expect? I am originally from ABQ and have family there so I really just need... Read More

  1. by   gracediwa
    If the pay is low, then the COS in new mexico must be low too. Is it? Are there lots of Filipinos in new mexico? I wanted to try working there since I have my NM license already.
  2. by   jessicab
    I really hate it when people who have not worked for Lovelace bad mouth it. I work there (and have for over a year) and have really loved it. No place is perfect, but the team is wonderful. I have learned so much and really enjoyed my time there. When I did clinicals and externships at UNMH & Presbyterian, I was treated very badly by the staff. There is so much back stabbing and mean behavior. At Lovelace everyone is truly a team. For instance, when I have a new admission everyone comes to help if they can. At other hospitals I've worked, the staff almost seem to be competing for who can take the most crap without asking for help. Don't discount Lovelace just because of the stuff you've heard.


  3. by   perkygyrl81
    Do you still work for lovelace? Its seems like they've really striven to make some improvements in the past couple of years. i am searching for someone to talk with who has personal experience working there. I have a phone interview this week!