New grad moving to New Mexico need help finding hospitals who will take new grads

  1. Hi, everyone, I need help and direction as to any hospitals in New Mexico especially in El Paso and/or Farmington area who will take ADN new grads. I currently live in Chicago and as far as I know nursing is very competitive here!!! I graduated May 23 and plan to take my boards in early July. If anyone can help me with any info. I will be very helpful!!!:uhoh21:
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  3. by   Medic09
    First off, we better check you geography!

    El Paso is in the far south. Actually, it is in TEXAS; though right near Las Cruces, NM.

    Farmington is in the far north, in the Four Corners near the Colorado border.

    Hundreds of miles between them.

    So, what is it you want? And why come vaguely to 'New Mexico' without a job?

    If you search online, you can find sites for many of the NM hospitals. And many of them are hiring.
  4. by   Sun_danc3rRN
    Hello there. I am a recent grad, and a brand new RN. I live in Alamogordo, NM, and work in Las Cruces, NM(about 80 miles away).

    First off, as someone pointed out already El Paso is in Texas, and Farmington is way up north, close to the Colorado border. There are hundreds of miles between them, and if driving it is about 8 hours between El Paso and Farmington.

    Secondly, I can tell you first hand here in New Mexico that a lot of hospitals are receiving 100's of resume's a day for RN's looking for work. More and more of the hospitals in this area prefer you to have your NCLEX-RN completed prior to employment. I was also told during my interviewing process that most HR recruiters who get a ton of resume's a day will not even consider someone who doesn't currently live in the area. The thought being that there are quite a few RN's in the local area that are looking for jobs(because the job market here is extremely competitive as well), and will move those resume's and applications to the front of the list.

    I know this is not the info you were hoping to get, but I thought it was pertinent to pass on.

    Good luck!
  5. by   willow1568
    The industry is changing. It would be scary to be a new grad right now. In this area with the LPN programs that have recently opened in the last two years has made an impact on the nursing shortage here.
  6. by   Sun_danc3rRN
    Quote from willow1568
    The industry is changing. It would be scary to be a new grad right now. In this area with the LPN programs that have recently opened in the last two years has made an impact on the nursing shortage here.
    I feel very fortunate that I have a job working as an RN, being so new. I think what actually made the difference for me over some of my class mates, is that I have years of customer service experience, and I also have years in the medical field prior to going to nursing school. It is very scary to be a new grad right now. It is no longer enough to just have passed the NCLEX to get yourself a job for a brand new RN.
  7. by   JBudd
    Albuquerque has the most hospitals, but also a lot of BSN grad from UNM. Las Cruces also has a BSN program. The smaller places such as Raton, Espanola, Farmington, have only one large(r) facility each. Local community colleges turn out ADNs, so there is competition there too.

    We certainly welcome you to the land of enchantment! But a few more details would be helpful.
  8. by   Medic09
    I hope we didn't scare her off...:uhoh21:
  9. by   smn2010
    you are interested in new mexico but this information is for all u.s. states. hope this helps...

    review this website:

    it provides a list of hospitals by state and also includes canada and the virgin islands. once you click on your state of interest, you will see the names of all the hospitals, by city/county. many provide you with a link directly to the facilities website. once at the website, i would suggest you review their employment/jobs section and begin posting online for new grad rn positions.

    if you have a particular interest, this website also lists hospital by category (u.s. hospitals, psych hospitals, teaching hospitals, military hospitals, cancer hospitals, etc) on the left-hand side of the page.

    good luck with your job search!! :spin:
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  10. by   RNnbakes
    I have seen some openings through yahoo hotjobs in Nm