Applying to WNMU for fall. Any other schools in state w/ same pre reqs?

  1. Hi everyone. I know this corner is PRETTY quiet, but i'm applying to WNMU's ADN program for fall, and wondering if there are any other schools in the state that I can apply to w/ the same pre reqs. I'm pretty sure i'll get in, but am the type that needs to have a plan B,C,D in place lol. The only pre req I am missing for the BSN is Stats or College Alg. and that's because I took it in a private program that didn't transfer in, in FL. Any pointers that anyone can give would be fantastic. I'm overstressing. At 45 this year, I don't have lots of time to waste getting this goal accomplished, once and for all!

    Thanks in advance!
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    Have you looked to see if Western is part of the NMNEC curriculum?
    Here si the link. I will try to search to answer you questions.


    Ok looking at the common curriculum, it looks like you will need both statistics & algebra to meet general education courses for BSN. Western is part of the New Mexico Nursing Education Consortium (NMNEC) which will allow you to continue on for ADN without having to repeat courses or take other pre-reqs. You will be able to apply to either NMSU or UNM for BSN. PM me if you have questions.
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  4. by   NICUorbust
    Thanks for your help clarifying things. I'm applying to the ADN program for fall consideration at WNMU. I'm taking Algebra this summer along with two other gen eds that will later apply to my BSN too. I'm hoping to be finished with most of the qualifications for my BSN (nursing classes aside) by the time I complete my ADN. Since I've been at this goal for longer than normal, I have a lot of bachelor degree requirements already met! At 44, I am completely stressing not getting in this fall. I honestly think i'd die if I don't, but my nursing advisor seems pretty confident. My GPA is solid and I am not worried about the KAT that they require instead of the TEAS or HESI A2, both of which I've already taken. Some days I think it's as stressful getting in as it will be completing the program LOL.
    Thanks again!!
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    I got in!
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    Quote from knicoll71
    I got in!