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Hello everyone!!! I'm new to mds and looking for advice and guidance into this new world of mine. At times I feel like I don't get it or that I'm not getting enough info to understand what is needed. Now I've had a couple of people tell me that it will take a year before I really actually get. Is that true? Or is there a good step by step that I can follow to meet guide lines without getting lost in what I hear which a foreign language to me? I just want it to be easy which I know once I get it I may be but I talking like now what can I do for now? been a floor nurse 5 years and now mds. So different.

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I worked as an MDS coordinator years ago, and my biggest mistake was not demanding formal education on the process. I highly recommend an MDS class and Medicare class (HC Pro offers MDS Boot Camp and Medicare Boot Camp for Long Term Care).

Know your resources. Maybe your organization has more experienced MDS nurses that you can reach out to as needed. It's possible that management might have MDS background too. The billing dept might also have good resources.

Hopefully your software links to the RAI manual. If not, you may want to request that your employer get you a hard copy.

Good luck! I hope you like it!