7.5 % new male;4% female nurses drop out of nursing within four years of graduation

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:eek: Heard a news report on radio today. It said that a recent study was done and it showed new grads are fleeing bedside at an alarming rate. That males nurse are leaving the bedside at even faster rate than female nurses. Perhaps an article will pop up in print somewhere.


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That is why I like print media so much more than radio or TV. You can go back and study what is said as much as you like. When I have radio or TV on I frequently find myself saying "did I just hear what I think I heard?" You can't double check unless you have VCR running.


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I don't have a link, but the King's Fund (a UK health think-tank) just published some research in the British Medical Journal showing that approximately 1/3 of nursing graduates in the UK never enter the nursing workforce!

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