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Hello everyone, I am a GVN in texas waiting to take my boards, and I wanted to get some information and opinions from other nurses. I got into nursing because of the love of helping and healing, but after my professional course during the last phase of school, where we would on clinical site, simulate being DON, charge nurses and case managers, I fell in love with this side of nursing and health care. before nursing school I did hold a lower level managment position at a large retail store, so I do have some experiance in those roles. My class mates think im crazy for wanting to do this over the other positions. I have a passion for making things work right and correcting problems that inhibit patient care. I know a few LVNs that got these type of positions right out of school, but im find just a handful, usually requiring 3-5 years exp. I found my passion in the field and I want to starting asap. please let me know what you all think!

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I work in case management for a large medical group, and was told by my managers that their goal is to have the entire department staffed by experienced BSNs who also have Board Certification in case management.

Our regional CEO also said in a recent meeting that this is the model case management is striving for in general. He said quality case management utilizes a lot of highly developed critical thinking skills and nursing theory/philosophy that just isn't taught in LVN/ADN programs. They feel the BSN has essential elements that make for better case managers. The better the case management, the fewer re-admissions and bed days......and the better the reimbursement. And before you all jump down my throat, I'm just repeating what I heard from my management.

My company (& my last employer) are phasing out LVNs altogether.


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I think it all depends on where you live.

I'm an LPN living in a big city in western Canada. I bet I have one of your dream jobs. I'm a community care supervisor. This means that I schedule and supervise the homecare of around 165 clients living in a seniors' lodge which is similar to an ALF.

Our publicly funded healthcare system relies heavily on LPNs for a lot of nursing care here because of the cost savings. We need a raise.


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I personally don't think any new grad, no matter what the education level, is ready for any type of management position. But does it happen? Yes. It is just not right in my opinion.

I think one should have some bedside experience before that.