New LVN going part time because of stress


I am 2 months in as a new LVN at a SNF and already want to either go part time or quit. I am afraid if I don't go down to 3 days a week I will have a mental breakdown or up and quit (which I can't even afford to quit). I already dread going in to work because it is so stressful and understaffed at times. Anyone else have to go part time because of stress? Is it common to be a new grad and already want to cut back on the amount of days I work?

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Your facility may or may not have a part time position available, and you may or may not be eligible for a part time position as a new graduate. I'd love to not work at all because of stress ...traveling around the world on a yacht sounds very relaxing and like a much better option.

Would more experience and the resulting confidence that comes with it make your job less stressful? Would working less actually help, or just make you poor and slow down your path to competence?

Your feelings sound pretty typical for a new graduate and for a lot of experienced nurses, too. Just browse through the boards around this place.

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Being a new grad is stressful and working in a SNF is stressful. You could look for another LVN position outside of SNF where you don't have the high patient load, but not sure what opportunities there are in your area that an LVN is used for. Maybe check corrections or methadone clinics?

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My first job was at a snf and I lasted 4 weeks. It made me want to switch my whole entire career and quit nursing all together. I then got another job at a psych hospital and it is 10000000xs better. I’d say start looking for another job that isn’t a snf.