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I know all you new RN's have great new jobs. What I'm curious about is what shifts most of you got. I saw a lot of night shifts listed. Please share with all what shift you got at your new job. Did you want that particular shift?:confused: :D If not, how long do you have to stay on that shift before you can switch?

Thanks, all info is appreciated! Heather:kiss

Hi Heather-

I'm not a new grad, but I can tell you that if you don't want to work nights, you probably don't have to. I graduated 5 years ago & was told,"You'll be lucky to get a job in the hospital at all, let alone night shift." Ha ! Ha! Ha!

Guess what, I had my pick of shifts even then. I was offered days or pms. I started on pms, as I knew days would be "too fast paced" for a newbie & I wanted to ease in. Now, I have worked each of the three shifts...and they all have their pluses and minuses.

So, if you want a certain shift, say so...but maybe you are also willing to work a "second choice" shift? There are lots of job openings, so try & get what you want if you can. Don't be afraid to say so. If they really want you, they will offer you a job, new grad or not. I have seen too many people burn out on the shift that doesn't work with their family, etc. Go for it!

Good luck in your job search!

PS- (I'm in CA as well).


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wow, I am soooo encouraged concerning shifts and positions. Although I'm still waiting to get in!! Heather


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I'm sure it depends on where you are.

I know in the hospital I work in only two departments were accepting grad nurses, and all positions were evenings or nights. In looking at the current opening, the same thing holds true, but there are only 13 basic openings (though for PRN one listing covers more than one opening). There was one opening with rotating shifts, but that's as close to day shift as you can get right now right here. Smalltown USA ... not far from DC where I'm sure the picture is quite different.

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I am going to work the 7p-730a. It's not my first choice. I was offered days at two other hospitals, but I choice the night position because I was impressed with their new grad program and it was my 1st choice of hospitals based on reputation. I know eventually I will get to go to days!

Good luck!

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