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New job and RN to BSN program at ULL

I plan to begin a nursing residency program in a few weeks, and I am also enrolled to start the RN to BSN program at The University of Louisiana Lafayette in May. Is anyone in a nursing residency program and enrolled in a RN to BSN program? I would like to know if anyone is successfully doing both. How do you balance the assignments from the residency program and coursework from school? Should I postpone school until after orientation? I want to maintain at least a 3.0 average in school, and I would also like to experience success in the residency program. Any advice would be great!!!

I am and well... It's hard but do-able. Although my schooling is online so it's a bit less restrictive.

Thank you for your response. Does the nursing residency program you are in require any homework?

It doesn't get any easier after orientation. I had homework but it was easier in a way because I was not responsible for the patients ultimately- my preceptor was always there to guide, help, and ensure I wasn't missing anything. This is my first month on my own after orientation and I am stressed, exhausted and dread doing my homework. I decided to just continue with my schooling through it all bc I felt if I stopped then I wouldn't want to start again. It's really a personal preference.


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I am not in a nurse residency program but I am doing the program at ULL. I work full time(3-12's) at one job, and prn(1-2 12's) at my second job. IN addition to that, I have 4 kids and 2 dogs to take care of :) So we are pretty busy. I am only in my first term at ULL and so far I have an A in both courses and it hasn't been anything bad. I work night shift, so I work on homework on my days off and on my nights at work if it's slow enough.


Do you have any suggestions about how I can prepare for the first 7 weeks? I have purchased the book Advancing Your Career: Concepts of Professional Nursing. Would recommend that I start reading? Also, would you feel comfortable providing a reading list for the NUR 354?


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