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New job may be eliminated


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Looking for advice. I started a new job 5 weeks ago as a care guidance nurse in a clinic. The job was just created as part of medicare's pilot initiative the Comprehensive Primary Care initiative. My clinic is owned by a larger hospital that has 16 clinics participating in the initiative. However, our clinic is now going to be bought out by another hospital and it seems my program will not transfer to the new hospital because of how it is set up with Medicare funding. We're still waiting to find out if they are going to keep any of the 5 RNs who were just hired for these new positions, of which I'm the supervisor. We've spent the last 5 weeks building our case management program and building relationships without patients, letting them know that we are the ones they should call if they're having problems. We had planned to begin working on protocols with the physicians and I'm to start writing our policies/procedures. But knowing that the whole thing very likely will come crashing to a halt soon, or at the very least will change drastically due to the lack of Medicare funding, is making dread going to work and not want to proceed with all the administrative work. The physicians don't want to work on protocols and policies either until we know something. But without that to work on I don't have much to do throughout the day. They also just hired our 5th nurse who started this week and I'm orienting her. It seems so unfair to have even let her start right now. Up until 2 days ago I was told our jobs were safe, yesterday it was more 'we might be able to keep a couple of RNs but no guarantee, and certainly not 5.'

What would you do? I have asked for answers and been told to be patient. Then after I left work last night my boss sent an email for me to come see her Monday. No idea what to expect from that. I feel like we're putting our patients in a bad place if we continue to build these relationships and have them rely on us and then leave suddenly and that if nothing else we should scale back until we know. Or maybe I'll find out next week that its all over. Advice? And yes, I'm keeping my eyes/ears open for other jobs!

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That must be so frustrating. A new program that you all have built up from scratch and it's already being cut... What a joke. I would definitely start looking for a job elsewhere.

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That's rough.

I'd suggest getting your resume together, and Also make copies of all the work product you've created in the past 5 weeks.

Also, it may be possible to pitch your program to the new bosses

Good luck