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Hello everyone. How long does it take to know if you are going to like a job? I worked as a LPN before but recently got my RN license. I am in training and as of now don't care for the environment. How long does it take before you know whether or not you will like something? I am so overwhelmed right now that it isn't even funny.

I think that it takes until you're not quite so overwhelmed. I'm sorry that's such a vague answer, but it's the best one I've got. Being overwhelmed and stressed can make you have really strong feelings against something you might otherwise really like, because it's your fight-or-flight response. You know that you can't fight against the things you're learning, so your next natural response is to get the heck out of the stressful situation.

Give yourself some time to adjust and adapt to what you're learning. Once you feel comfortable with your changed role, if you're still not fond of your surroundings, then you'll know for sure that it's the environment and not a combination of factors. I wish you much luck and happiness, wherever you end up.

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If the feeling overwhelmed part is what's making you think that you might not care for the job, then I would say to give it time. I think that everyone feels overwhelmed at first and probably is not in a great position to judge as to whether they will actually come to enjoy the position. Just might actually be more comfortable than most new grads, since you have your LPN experience to draw on!

At any rate, please give it time. It's a tough job market out there and you likely need to keep plugging away at it. It WILL get easier, I promise.

To answer your specific question:

"How long does it take before you know whether or not you will like something"

It takes however long it takes. Depends upon the environment, the nurse and all kinds of other influences. The one thing that I do know is that as long as someone is feeling completely overwhelmed, they are not in a position to figure out whether they actually like the job. I have realized, however, that the tougher the acclimation process, the greater the satisfaction in the end.

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