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I am extremely nervous about my background check for my new job. I've wanted this job for a long time and finally got it! they are aware of my IPN status, and the criminal charges on the FL BON website. when I applied for the job online, the application only asked if I had a felony which I do not. so now that I've been offered the position, the new hire packet consists of a background request and you have to list your charges. when I self reported to the FL BON, I gave the ALL the documents of all 7 misdemeanors I had been charged with. one of them was dismissed so in reality there is 6. but, I had to submit the disposition paper work from the courts. so I also listed it on the paper work for this new job. the reason i'm so nervous and worried is, as I was saying, on the FL BON website on my license lookup, the board only held me responsible for 4 of charges. so now that i'm filling out this paper work for the job they will be made aware of 3 more. i'm so worried they are going to think, "wow, this gal is a bigger loser than we thought"..... hopefully they won't recant their offer...... please say a prayer, y'all. I need this job soooo bad. I can't stay where I am. my current job is horrible. my nursing license is in jepordy there. it's a LTC facility and I can't stay another day.... tomorrow is my last day of my 2 week notice.....


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Praying for the outcome you are hoping for!! keep us posted!!