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Hi everyone! This is really long and I'm sorry.

I've been working in an ER/walk in clinic for 3 months now. They hired me as a LPN/grad nurse as a temporary title until I passed RN NCLEX, which I did three weeks ago. The job itself is ok, it's a tiny hospital so we don't see a ton of real emergencies. I thought it would be the perfect place to cut my new grad teeth for a couple years before moving on. My manager and most of the coworkers are amazing and supportive. There is, however, some major issues with administration and interdepartmental drama. Employees are regularly using their own money to buy supplies for the hospital. I hired in at a hefty pay cut from my other PRN job with the agreement that my salary would increase as soon as I passed boards, unfortunately even with my manager advocating for me, it looks like I won't be getting that promised pay increase.

With encouragement from coworkers I have been pursuing other opportunities. I've had a passion for hospice since the start of nursing school, but no hospice organizations were willing to hire me as a LPN or grad nurse. Now, though, I have a job offer for a hospice RN position!!

I feel so guilty. I haven't accepted yet. Like I said, my manager and a few coworkers have been so great, welcoming, and supportive. They were so happy for me when I passed boards, and my manager has been such an advocate for me with administration. I feel like I would be betraying them by leaving, but really selling myself short if I stay.

Thank you for reading if you've made it through my novel, hahaha. Any additional perspectives would be much appreciated!

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Being "nice" doesn't make up for having to buy your own supplies or broken promises about salary increases. Jump off that ship before you find your head underwater.

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Get out quickly. That place is going under.


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I hear too much your coworkers and not enough you. You say they encouraged you to look for a new job. Every one of them will understand that you are leaving because your employer reneged on an agreement.