what is per Diem position means ?

  1. Hello to all,
    I am a new Nurse ,so I do not know what is per Diem Position as a RN means ?
    Anyone, please ?
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  3. by   CrownHunter
    a per Deim position is an on call position.
  4. by   romashkarn
    thank you
    does anyone works per Diem and likes it , what are the benefits or disadvantages for per Diem position ?
  5. by   rmc2
    Per Diem nurses make more money but get no benefits. You will usually replace staff on leave......
  6. by   romashkarn
    thanks a lot to everyone ,
    per Diem Nurses, how often they get called to work ? Is it like a seasonal job ?
    Would any of you accept position like that ?
  7. by   SarasotaRN2b
    It's really dependent on the facility...it could be seasonal, but it could also be year round.
  8. by   froggg123
    I am per Diem and I schedule my work two months in advance, I was part-time previous and still work between 24-28 hours a week I could work more but choose not to, no one has to call me in we have a list when we need to sign up and need to sign up for a minimum of 24 hours a month with one shift on a weekend. No bennies, no PTO I only do it because of the ability to work 8 hr. shifts I would love to go back to 7a-7p if I didnt have babysitting problems.
  9. by   NJNursing
    If you don't have transportation or childcare or other obligations, I wouldn't take a per diem position. It varies hospital to hospital. Mine basically calls in per diem nurses if they know someone is going to be out on a medical/personal leave, if someone is on vacation on a unit and there's not enough staff/float personnel to cover or they'll call them last minute if there's too many call outs for the floats to cover. They'll also have an on-call list where they can put themselves on a list for a block of days and if they're needed, they'll get called about 3-5 hours before a shift to come in, so you can't plan anything around it just in case they call. Sometimes they work weekly, sometimes they won't get called for a couple of weeks. No benefits, no guaranteed hours but more money per hour.

    Just check with whichever hospital you're working at/planning to work at. I, personally, like a steady, consistant paycheck and our benefits rock.
  10. by   romashkarn
    thanks guys so much,
    At this point I really like the Hospital that offered me a per Diem position ,I got other offers too but I did not feel good about it ... night shifts in creepy places.... I really hope to get a full or part time position at the Hospital but at this point I do not have kids yet so I am available to work per Diem ...I just hope that they will call me at least two times a week so I do not have to feel like a second hand choice waiting to replace a "real Nurse "
    if nothing works out for me per Diem I am going to keep looking for something better .
  11. by   dgarcia1
    I love my per diem position; I've been doing it for 9 years. Per diem nurses make more money per hour in lieu of benefits. I am a per diem Nurse in Minneapolis where we make $50/hr for 8 hours, time and a half for 1st 4 hours of OT and double time for last 4 hours of OT so you can make $1100.00 in one 16 hour shift. We do get a pension but no vacation time or sick days or insurance but you do your own scheduling and you will be the 1st one cancelled if the hospital doesn't need help that day which doesn't happen very often here in Minneapolis. This works great for me because my husband's job provides the insurance benefits that I need. I highly recommend it to anyone. If i needed benefits i would take a job at 1 hospital and work the minimum for insurance and work per diem at another. good luck!
  12. by   romashkarn
    thank you so much ,
    I feel better already about it ......
    Now I have to review my manual for a Nurses per Diem ..about 5 inch thick book !!
    Good Luck to me and all of you !